Make Money with Wag!

How much will I get paid per service?

The amount of money you make per completed service varies based on location and walk length. On average, a Pet Caregiver will make $12 + tip for a 30-minute walk. For a boarding or sitting service, the current base pay per night is $26.

What about tips?

Pet Caregivers using Wag! receive 100% of their tips.

What if a Pet Parent has more than one dog? 

If a Pet Parent has more than one dog, you will receive an "Additional Dog Fee" of at least $3 per additional dog, depending on the type of service. The fee is higher for Overnight Care.

If I'm assigned to an overnight service that includes transportation, do I get paid more?

For Boardings that require transporting the dog(s) from the Pet Parent's residence to your own, you will receive an additional $15 round trip. 

Am I able to see what the payout is before accepting the service?

Yes; you’ll be able to see the payout before requesting and agreeing to the service. This ensures transparency before you commit to a service. For a Recurring Schedule, the payout listed is per service.

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