Pet Parent Favorability

What is Pet Parent Favorability?

A Pet Caregiver’s Pet Parent Favorability is simply how valuable the Pet Caregiver’s services are to a Pet Parent. A number of factors are applied to determine a Pet Caregiver’s Pet Parent Favorability, all of which can be found within the Wag! Community Guidelines.

For what is Pet Parent Favorability used?

Pet Parent Favorability is used to find the perfect Pet Caregiver for each pet care task scheduled using the Wag! platform. 

How do I increase my Pet Parent Favorability?

Pet Parents expect services to be completed with care and attention to detail. Your reliability (including timeliness and commitment) also affects the Pet Parent’s experience and therefore your Pet Parent Favorability. The strength of your profile is another factor; the more complete and thorough your profile is, the more valuable your profile will be to Pet Parents looking to book pet care services. 

The Wag! Community Guidelines are the framework for Pet Parent Favorability and are in place to help facilitate a community-wide understanding of expectations and standards of conduct while using Wag!. Ultimately, following and exemplifying Wag!’s Community Guidelines makes your services more valuable to the Pet Parent’s using Wag!. For additional information as to how Pet Parent Favorability is determined, you may revisit the Wag! Community Guidelines.

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