Payments & Stripe Connect

How much do I get paid?

The payment for each service is listed under the service in the Available Walks Feed. You receive the posted amount plus 100% of any tips you receive from Pet Parents.

When do I get paid?

Payments are processed every Wednesday and paid out every Friday. The pay cycle is Tuesday through Monday, so for all walks completed on or after Tuesday, the payment will appear in the following pay cycle. If you'd like to receive a payment sooner (and you're eligible), you can utilize the Instant Pay feature via the "Earnings" tab in the Pet Caregiver App.

How do tips work?

Pet Caregivers receive 100% of any tips they receive from Pet Parents. Pre-set tips can be adjusted after completion of the service based on the satisfaction of the Pet Parent. Please note that setting pre-set tips is a temporary function due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Tips are not guaranteed.

What is Stripe Connect?

Stripe Connect is the platform that allows Pet Caregivers to be paid for the services they offer on Wag!.

How do I set up Stripe Connect?

When you log in to the Wag! App for the first time, you will be prompted to set up a new Stripe Connect account. To set up your Stripe account:

  1. After your application is approved, you’ll receive an email from Wag! that will prompt you to download the Pet Caregiver app. Tap on the link to download the app →
  2. Create a password →
  3. Download and Install the Wag! Pet Caregiver app →
  4. Tap on the Wag! Pet Caregiver app icon to open it →
  5. Log in. You’ll see a prompt to set up a new Stripe Connect account →
  6. Confirm that your email address and phone number are correct →
  7. Verify your phone number →
  8. Fill out your banking information, using the info for the account through which you wish to receive payments.

Troubleshooting Stripe

If you are having trouble adding your info to Stripe in the Pet Caregiver App, you can access your Stripe account directly by navigating to one of the following links on a web browser: 

How do pay periods work?

A pay period starts on a Tuesday and ends the following Monday. Earnings accrued during that pay period will be paid out to your bank account on the following Friday (4 days after the pay period ends). You may also be eligible for Instant Pay!

How do I change my banking information in Stripe Connect?

  • In the Walker App, go to the "Earnings" screen →
  • Tap the three dots in the upper right corner →
  • Tap "Sign into Stripe" →
  • You’ll then be taken directly to your stripe.com dashboard, where you can edit your personal and banking information.

How can I see a list of all the payments to my bank account?

In the Pet Caregiver app, go to the "Earnings" screen, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, then tap "Sign into Stripe." You’ll then be taken directly to your stripe.com dashboard, where you can view your payment history.

I'm not able to log in to Stripe or I'm getting a Stripe error message; what should I do?

Please contact the Stripe support team here.

Why does my Stripe Connect Dashboard read $0 balance even though the Walker App says I have a positive balance?

The "Earnings" screen in the Pet Caregiver App always reflects the most recent and updated information. The Stripe Connect Dashboard will read $0 balance until Wednesday, right after the pay period closes. After the payment has reached your bank account, the Dashboard will reset back to $0. If at any point in the pay period you'd like to check the amount of your next payment, please visit the "Earnings" screen in the Pet Caregiver App.

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