Available Service Filters

What notifications should I expect to receive from Wag!?

Wag! sends push notifications for services available near you, when you’ve received a tip, and promotions from the Marketing Team. SMS notifications are sent when you’ve booked a service, when you’re late for a service, and as confirmation that a cover has been submitted. 

How do available service notifications work? 

When a schedule is requested by a Pet Parent, the service enters the feed and Wag! sends an initial batch of notifications to Pet Caregivers who are preferred for the service. After a couple minutes, if the schedule is still unfilled, a second batch of notifications is sent to the Pet Caregivers who are closest to the service location (based on the PCG’s Available Service Filter location settings). Next, if the service is still unfilled, an additional batch of notifications is sent to Pet Caregivers in the area, selected based on distance from service. This process continues until the service is filled.

Why are my notifications delayed?

The Wag! system sends out notifications in real time. However, due to circumstances beyond our control such as carrier issues and signal strength there may be times notifications are delayed in getting to you. Make sure you have good signal strength. Delays in notifications may also occur on a device that is connected to WiFi. 

Why am I not receiving push notifications?

  • You are logged in to more than one device (Note: The most recently logged into device will receive the notifications.) Log out, then back in on the device you’d like to receive notifications on to reset your device token.
  • There is low or no service availability in your area. This typically means you will also not see any services in your available service feed, either. 
  • Your Walker App notification settings are set to “off.” Update your notification settings on the Available Service Filters screen. 
  • Your phone's settings for push notifications are set to “off” or are disabled for the Wag! Walker app. Allow notifications from Wag! Walker in your device settings. 

Why am I not receiving text notifications? 

As of January 2020, Wag! has discontinued SMS notifications for available walks and will be exclusively sending push notifications for these alerts. A few other reasons you could no longer be receiving text notifications include: 

  • Your notification settings are set to “off.” 
  • You blocked text notifications. Text the word "START" to 240-06 re-enable text messages from Wag!.

How do I update my notification settings? 

You can update what services you’d like to receive notifications about in your Available Service Filters, located in the top right corner of the Home screen. From here, you can turn off notifications completely, set your location and the distance from which you’d like to be notified of a service, adjust start times, and select service types. 

How do I update or add an address?

  • Tap on the Available Service Filters icon in the top right corner of the Home screen →
  • Tap “Services Near” →
  • Tap “+” in the bottom right corner (Android) or “+ Add Location” (iOS) →
  • Name the location and enter the address (note: all location names must be unique) →
  • Tap "Save." To edit an address, tap the green pencil icon next to the location you wish to edit (Android) / tap “Edit” under the address (iOS).

How do I turn off push notifications?

  • Tap on the Available Service Filters icon in the top right corner of the Home screen →
  • Set the Notification Alerts toggle to “off” →
  • Tap “Save”

How do I turn off text notifications?

To opt-out of text message notifications from Wag!, text “STOP” to 240-06. If you’d like to turn text notifications back on, text “START” to 240-06.

Why don’t I see any available services?

There may not be any services available in your area, or your available service filters may be too narrow. Try expanding your filters, and refreshing the service feed by pulling down on the screen then releasing.

Why am I not being accepted for services?

If you tap a push notification for an available service and the walk is not featured in your Available Service Feed or you were able to opt-in and were not approved, the service was unfortunately taken by another Pet Caregiver.

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