Wag! Pet Caregiver Deactivation Policy

Pet Caregivers who have an average star rating below 4.75 will be subject to deactivation. Star rating and other factors are detailed in the Pet Care Provider Platform Use Agreement signed by each Pet Caregiver. Pet Caregivers who violate the agreement or Wag!’s Community Guidelines may be subject to deactivation. The Deactivation Policy also states that Pet Caregiver accounts may be subject to suspension during the time Wag! takes to investigate a possible violation.

Can I appeal a deactivation if my rating falls below 4.75?

No. Deactivations due to low star rating are not eligible for appeal.

Why does Wag! have a deactivation policy?

Wag! is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe community for the Pet Caregivers and Pet Parents on the platform. To help ensure a safe experience for everyone, we rely on each community member to abide by the Wag! Community Guidelines as well as our Pet Care Provider Platform User Agreement. The five star rating system is one of the ways Wag! leverages community feedback to help create and maintain a safe and reliable community.

How can I check my standing to ensure I’m not subject to deactivation?

You can see your star rating in the “My Profile” section of the Wag! application. Pet caregivers will be notified via email if they are at risk for deactivation due to low star rating. Once a Pet Caregiver receives this notice, they will have 30 days to improve. They will also receive a second update email after 14 days informing them of their progress.

What if I did not receive a warning email?

Please check your spam folders and ensure that the email address associated with your Wag! account is still active.

What if I am not available to do any walks in the 30-day warning period? Can I request an extension?

Wag! gives all Pet Caregivers 30 days to meet community standards. Pet Caregivers will not be granted an extension if they are unable to or choose not to participate in services with Wag!.

How many times can my star rating drop below 4.75?

None. Once a Pet Caregiver's star rating falls below 4.75, they are subject to deactivation.

If I'm deactivated, will I still be paid for past completed walks?

Yes. Any successfully completed services will be paid out, regardless of whether the Pet Care Provider is subject to deactivation or has been deactivated.

If I'm deactivated, can I reapply?

No. Once a Pet Caregiver is deactivated for falling below the set criteria or is deactivated for a Community Guidelines violation, they will not not be allowed to re-apply as a Pet Caregiver on the Wag! platform.

Are Pet Parents subject to these same standards?

This Deactivation Policy is based on criteria specific to Pet Caregivers. Pet Parents can be deactivated from the Wag! platform if they violate Wag!’s Terms of Service, which includes the Wag! Community Guidelines.

What if I'm a new Pet Caregiver?

Pet Caregivers must complete at least ten services on the Wag! platform to be subject to this policy.

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