Pet Caregiver Profile FAQ

What does it mean for my profile to be “public”?

With the newest update to Pet Caregiver profiles, you have the ability to copy the link to your profile and share it online or with family and friends! Anyone with your profile link will be able to view your profile online even if they aren’t currently on the Wag! platform. 

I don’t want my profile to be public. How do I make it private? 

You can make your profile “private” at any time. Open your walker app and navigate to “settings”, then toggle the “public profile” setting to “off”. Keep in mind that if your profile is private, Pet Parents will not be able to book you directly through your profile for a referral bonus, and you won’t have the ability to share your profile online. 

What is a catchphrase?

Your personal catchphrase is an option for you to briefly introduce who you are as a Pet Caregiver and adds a personal touch to your profile. It’s one of the first things Pet Parents will see when viewing your profile. Catchphrases have a 50 character minimum. 

Why were my profile edits rejected?

Our automatic filters have detected one of the following types of content that either include profanity or your personal information: 

  • Profane language
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Website 
  • Social media reference

If you think your profile edits were rejected in error, please contact customer success. Please adhere to our community guidelines (https://wagwalking.com/community-guidelines/).

Why is my catchphrase/bio “pending”?

If your catchphrase/bio is marked as “pending”, our automatic filters may have detected potential profanity or personal information such as your phone number or email address. If you think there is an error, please contact customer success. Please adhere to our community guidelines (https://wagwalking.com/community-guidelines/).

I’m an Android user and I am not able to update my profile. What should I do?

If you are getting an error when updating your profile, it may be due to a system font conflict. 

To update the font:

  • Navigate to your phone's Settings →
  • Tap "Display" →
  • Tap "Font Size and Style" →
  • Adjust font size to "default" (third dot from the left)

Once complete, try updating your profile again.

I referred a pet parent through my profile. Why didn’t I receive a referral bonus?

In order to receive a referral bonus, the Pet Parent must sign up through your profile and complete their first paid walk. 

If they have completed a paid walk and you still haven’t received the bonus, please reach out to our customer success team for support.

A Pet Parent booked me through my profile. Why did they match with a different walker?

When a Pet Parent books you through your profile, you will be added to their preferred walker list. This gives you, and other preferred walkers for that Pet Parent, first priority for services where the pet parent specifies “try preferred” as their walker preference.

The most likely reason you did not match with the Pet Parent is another pet caregiver requested for the walk before you. 

How can I promote my profile online? 

If you’d like to promote your profile online, you can copy your profile link from within the walker app. Click “promote”, then “copy link to my profile”. You can post your link online, or you can send it directly to friends via SMS, email, and more! Click here for more info.

How do I increase my profile strength?

For info on profile strength, click here.

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