Setting Your Rates

What is Dynamic Pricing?

To best support the Pet Caregivers using Wag!, we’ve created the Dynamic Pricing feature, which allows Pet Caregivers to set their own rates as business owners. Dynamic Pricing is the ability for Pet Caregivers to set their own rates for services and “extras” such as the additional dog and weekly walk surcharges. 

Can I set my own rates?

Yes, Dynamic Pricing will allow you, as an independent business owner, to set your own rates for services completed through the Wag! platform. Pet Caregivers are able to set their own pricing for:

  • 20, 30, and 60 minute Walks
  • Overnight Care (per night)
  • Additional dog fees
  • Weekly Walk surcharges
  • Drop-Ins
  • Digital & In-Home Training sessions

How do I set my own rates?

You can update your rates or "Service Pricing" at any time by tapping “Change Bid” in the Walk Details of an available service. From here, you can adjust your pricing to whatever you believe is fair. You can also adjust your pricing at any time; any adjustments you make will not affect services that you have already booked with a Pet Parent. If you increase a rate after booking a service, you will still receive your initial bid as the service payout, not the new rate.

How do I bid on a service?

You can change your “bid” or pricing at any time before opting into a service. Once you submit your bid by opting into the service, the pricing for that service cannot be changed. After you request a service, no further action is required. If you are matched to the Pet Parent, you will be notified and the service will appear on your “Booked” tab. 

Am I setting the payout amount or the cost of the service?

When you set your rates in the app, you are setting your desired payout for the service. You will see what the Pet Parent will pay for that service directly below your set rates.

Can Pet Parents still tip?

Yes, Pet Parents are still able and encouraged to tip. The tip percentage is calculated from the total cost to the Pet Parent.

What does “Average price in my area” mean?

The “Average Price” is the cumulative average price that other Pet Caregivers in your area are charging for the same service type. The “Average Price” is only a suggestion; you are free to set your rates how you wish. Please note that out-of-range pricing may affect Pet Parents’ demand for your services.

What is a “Weekly Walk Surcharge?”

The Weekly Walk Surcharge is the additional payout you will receive per service on a Recurring Schedule.

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