Quick Choice

What is Quick Choice?

Quick Choice allows Pet Parents to choose a Pet Caregiver for Overnight Care appointments based off available Pet Caregiver's profiles. In order for you to be chosen for a service with Quick Choice, you must opt-in to the service.

How will I know if I'm selected by the Pet Parent?

You will receive a notification letting you know whether you've been selected for the service.

What are Pet Parents looking for when choosing a Pet Caregiver?

Pet Parents may look at several factors when making their decision. The most common include:

  • Distance
  • Star Rating
  • Reviews
  • Experience or number of services completed

For what services is Quick Choice available?

Quick Choice is only available for Overnight Care.

If I am a Preferred Pet Caregiver, do I still receive Overnight Care requests first?

Yes, if you are a Preferred Pet Caregiver, you will still be notified before other Pet Caregivers. Yourself and any other Preferred Pet Caregivers who have opted in will then be presented to the Pet Parent first.

I am a Preferred Pet Caregiver; why didn’t I get selected for the service?

A Pet Parent may be presented with several available Pet Caregivers, including more than one Preferred Pet Caregiver. From there, they are able to select who they feel is the best fit for their pet.

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