One-Time Walks

One-time walks are a one-time commitment of either 20, 30, or 60 minutes. These walks are a great option for Pet Caregivers who have a changing schedule. It’s important to note that owners may request more than one “one-time” walk per week. In this instance, you’ll see which days the owner has requested their dog to be walked, with the “One-Time” label underneath the time and walk length. This means these walks are only for the upcoming week, not a request for a recurring schedule.

In the walk feed, the walk type will be noted below the requested time and walk length. There you will see whether it is a one-time walk, on-demand walk, or recurring walk.

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On-Demand versus Scheduled

Within the one-time walk category, there are scheduled walks and on-demand walks. Scheduled walks are walks that are set for a specific time in the future. These can range from a few hours in advance to days in advance and can be multi-day requests. On-demand walks function exactly the same as scheduled walks but are scheduled within the next 30 minutes or less. These ASAP walks are a great option for new walkers as you have the opportunity to meet a bunch of different pups in the area! Many walkers build out their walk schedule with a combination of all walk types to fit their availability!


What is a Recurring Service?

Recurring services repeat each week on the same day(s) and time(s). These walks typically require a commitment of 3+ months and allow Pet Caregivers to keep a consistent schedule.  This option is preferred by Pet Caregivers, as they really get to know the dog. Some Pet Caregivers build out their schedule with a combination of recurring services and one-time services, so they can serve as many pups as they can!

What If I'm Unavailable for a Service?

In the event you’re unavailable for a service in your recurring schedule, you can request a cover.  Pet Caregivers recommend submitting a request two weeks in advance to give ample time to find a cover and help ensure the Pet Parent is receiving the quality of service he or she expects.

Overnight Services

Preparing For Transportation

If you’ve booked a Boarding with a transportation component, it’s important to know how to safely and securely transport the dog from the Pet Parent’s home to yours, and back!


It’s the Pet Parent’s responsibility to provide adequate equipment for the transportation of their pup.  This can include a dog seat belt or harness and/or crate. Crates are a good option to help ensure the pup’s safety when traveling, especially when in a car.  If you use a crate, make sure that the crate is the correct size for the dog being transported and that the crate is securely anchored to the vehicle. This can be done in a variety of ways, so be sure you choose the correct option for the dog, and crate being used.


For tips specific to driving with a dog, check out these helpful tips from Robert Cabral:

Road Trip: Driving With Your Dog


What is a Sitting?

Sitting is when you stay with the dog at the Pet Parent’s home, whereas boarding takes place at your own home. During the day, Pet Caregivers will keep the dog company and take care of them, including feeding them, taking them out for regular potty breaks, and having playtime.

Am I Able to Leave?

Pet Caregivers can come and go during the day, do errands; but they are encouraged to be with the dog as much as possible and not leave for too long. They may also send updates through the app throughout the day, which Pet Parents appreciate. Additionally, Pet Caregivers can only have one boarding or sitting at a time.

Can I Book Other Services?

While Pet Caregivers can only have one active boarding or sitting at a time; they can still schedule services with Wag! during these dates. It's best for Pet Caregivers to keep in mind the Pet Parent's expectations for the sitting or boarding while performing other services on the platform.


Boarding is when the dog(s) stay overnight in your home, whereas sitting takes place at the pet parent’s home. During the day, pet care providers will keep the dog company and take care of them, including feeding them, taking them out for regular potty breaks, and having playtime. Pet parents can also request their dog to be picked up and dropped for an additional fee.

Pet care providers can come and go during the day, do errands, but they are encouraged to be with the dog as much as possible, not leave for too long and take the pup out to go to the bathroom when needed. They may also send updates through the app throughout the day, which many owners appreciate very much. Also, pet care providers can only do one boarding or sitting at a time.

While pet care providers can only have one boarding or sitting at a time, they can still schedule walks on Wag! during these dates, keeping in mind the boarding or sitting pet parent’s expectations for time spent with their dog.


Digital Training

How long are Digital Training Services?

Digital Training services are 30 minutes in length.

How many dogs are included in a 30 minute service?

Up to three dogs can be accommodated.

Can Pet Parents book urgent or on-demand training sessions?

No, all training sessions must be scheduled in advance.

I really enjoyed working with this Pet Parent and their pet(s); can I offer my services again?

Yes, you may let the Pet Parent know you would like to work with them and their dog(s) again during the session, via in-app chat, and/or in your report card.

Can the Pet Parent request me again through the app?

Yes, Pet Parents have the option to rebook with you directly through the “Past Services” tab in the Wag! App.

How do I access the Digital Training session?

You will access your Digital Training through the Wag! App via a video chat room. 

What if I log into the Digital Training later than the scheduled time? / What if the Pet Parent is late?

We highly recommend communicating with the Pet Parent through the app prior to your Digital Training session to coordinate an exact time you are both available to start. Once you  start the video chat, the time clock cannot be paused or reset. 

When does the 30 minutes start?

The clock starts as soon as you, the trainer, enters the video chat. A timer will be displayed on screen during the training session. 

What happens if the Digital Training goes over the 30 minute limit?

The video chat session will automatically disconnect at the 35 minute mark.

What if I or the Pet Parent have technical issues and get disconnected during the session?

Once the timer starts on the session it cannot be reset or paused.  You may rejoin the video chat session if you are disconnected and pick up where you left off. If you or the Pet Parent have a prolonged disconnect that severely impacts the Digital Training session, please contact Customer Service via the "Help" tab in the app. 

What happens during a Digital Training session?

The sky's the limit! What happens and what is covered during a Digital Training session is up to you and the Pet Parent. Some Pet Caregivers find it useful to coordinate goals with the Pet Parent prior to the scheduled service.

Can the Pet Parent leave a tip?

Absolutely! Once the Digital Training session has ended the Pet Parent will have an opportunity to leave a tip through the Wag! App.

Do I need to leave a report card?

Yes, you will leave you a report card for the Pet Parent in which you may want to include follow up notes, reminders, tips, or homework.

In-Home Training

What is Training?

At present, in-home dog training is available for 60-minute sessions to be performed at the Pet Parent’s home. Training sessions are available between 8 AM and 8:30 PM, 7 days a week.

The training sessions are hands-on for Pet Parents, providing an opportunity to learn how to correct behavior with basic dog obedience techniques. This allows dog trainers to see dogs’ normal routines and behaviors in a familiar setting. 

Because each lesson is unique, Pet Caregivers are encouraged to begin each session with an assessment of the Pet Parent’s needs and desired skills; which are used to create an individualized plan for improvement with appropriate dog training methods. Sending videos and photos both during and after the session can help to mark the progress of the dog and Pet Parent. Suggestions of helpful articles or materials for training and ideas on what might help them improve can be provided to the Pet Parent, which can be used outside of training sessions. 

How Do I Rebook?

After your initial session, Pet Parents can select you for another session at their desired date and time. It is recommended that a discussion about availability takes place at the end of your session, or by leaving notes in your report card which can help to make scheduling additional sessions easier. 


*Only available in select markets.



Drop-ins are when the Pet Care Provider comes to the Pet Parent’s home to check in on the pup. This service lasts 20 minutes and during that time, the Pet Care Provider will check in on the pup.  This check-in may include taking the pup out for a bathroom break (if this is something that has been decided based on the agreement between the Pet Care Provider and the Pet Parent).  In the event a Pet Parent would like the Pet Care Provider to stay longer than 20 minutes, it is recommended the Pet Parent books a 30 or 60-minute walk in the app, and leaves explicit instructions for the Pet Care Provider around the type of service they’d like their pup to receive.