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Contacting the Owner

Contacting the Owner on the App

In the event that you need to reach out to the owner, you can contact them by clicking the walk and selecting “Contact Owner.” This will allow you to call or text the owner.

Please note that some versions of the app may not let you contact the pet parent until you’ve already selected “On My Way”. We’re working hard to update this, and appreciate your patience!

In the event you cannot reach the owner or find an answer in our FAQ, please contact Customer Success 628-400-4283 to let them know you need assistance.

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All Kinds of Harnesses

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Beware of Scams

Never Share Passwords

Wag! will never contact you directly to ask for your password or banking information. If you receive a suspicious call or message, do not reply. Instead, contact Customer Care.

Beware of Scams

  • Scammers may pose as Wag! customer service professionals to try to obtain your personal information or to access your account(s). If you’re unsure if a phone call, email, or text is legitimate, contact the Customer Care line directly. Do not reply or use the contact information in the suspicious message.

Use Strong Passwords

For Wag! and other online accounts, use strong passwords and don’t use the same password on more than one account. Make sure your password includes:

  • More than eight characters
  • Both upper- and lower-case letters
  • Numbers and special characters (i.e., # @ $ % &)
  • Additional Protection for Your Payable Account

For walkers who were approved onto the platform before May 2019:

While Wag! has switched payment providers over to Stripe, enhance the protection of your bank account information by enabling multi-factor authentication on your old Payable account. Multi-factor authentication is an additional layer of security beyond your username and password used to access your account.

To learn how to implement it, click here.

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

To view Wag!'s Community Guidelines, click here.