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Contacting the Owner

Additional chat information
  • To save a photo, tap and hold the photo which will reveal the option to save. Video is currently not supported via the chat. 
  • Chats are available for active messaging up to 12 hours after the service end. After 12 hours, the chat expires and you will be unable to access the chat history unless you have an upcoming service with the same pet parent. 
  • We alert you of new messages via push notification. For the best experience, we recommend enabling push notifications for the mobile app and checking your messages tab frequently. 
  • For your safety, we recommend never sharing personal phone numbers, logins, or financial info
Chatting with the pet parent

You can communicate with the pet parent directly in the app through our in-app chat feature. To message the pet parent:  

  • For an upcoming service:
    • Option 1:
      • Navigate to the “Booked” tab →
      • Click the service of the pet parent you’d like to contact→
      • Click “Contact Pet Parent ” →
      • Chat away! 
    • Option 2 (iOS Users Only):
      • Navigate to your “messages” tab in the side navigation of the app →
      • Click the “+” in the upper right hand corner  →
      • You will see a list of the pet parents you are booked with. Select the pet parent you’d like to chat with  →
      • Chat away! 
  • For a live service:
    • Navigate to the homepage of your app →
    • On the live service display, click the contact button or chat icon →
    • Chat away! 

To access the chat inbox on the mobile app, click here. 

Calling the pet parent

You are able to call the pet parent directly from the chat screen. To call the pet parent:


  • Navigate to the messages tab →
  • Click the chat of the pet parent you’d like to contact →
  • In the chat, click the phone icon (iOS) or the three vertical dots (Android) →
  • Select “Call Pet Parent” →

You will be connected with a call-only line masked for your privacy where you can communicate directly with the pet parent. For your safety, we recommend never sharing personal phone numbers, logins, or financial info

Safety Videos

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Beware of Scams

Never Share Passwords

Wag! will never contact you directly to ask for your password or banking information. If you receive a suspicious call or message, do not reply. Instead, contact our Customer Success team.

Beware of Scams

  • Scammers may pose as Wag! customer service professionals to try to obtain your personal information or to access your account(s). If you’re unsure if a phone call, email, or text is legitimate, contact the Customer Care line directly. Do not reply or use the contact information in the suspicious message.

Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Wag! takes your account security seriously, and choosing a secure password helps protect your account against unauthorized use. Here are some of the best practices to follow when creating a password: 

  • Straight rows of keys are easy to guess. 
  • Short keyboard patterns are easy to guess. 
  • Use a longer keyboard pattern with more turns. 
  • Repeats like "aaa" are easy to guess. 
  • Sequences like "abc" or "6543" are easy to guess.
  • Repeats like "abcabcabc" are only slight harder to guess than "abc". 
  • Avoid dates and years that are associated with you. 
  • Avoid recent years. 
  • Capitalization does not help very much. 
  • Reversed words aren't much harder to guess. 
  • All uppercase is almost as easy to guess as all lower case. 
  • Avoid predictable substitutions like "@" instead of at. 

In addition to the above tips, we recommend your password includes:

  • More than eight characters
  • Both upper- and lower-case letters
  • A mix of numbers and special characters (i.e., # @ $ % &)

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

To view Wag!'s Community Guidelines, click here.