Socially Distanced Pet Care Informational Session

The novel coronavirus ("COVID-19") remains on many of our minds. As life begins to return to normal and more Wag! Services are booked by Pet Parents, the health and safety of the Wag! community is our top priority. 

With this in mind, we have launched an optional informational session for Pet Caregivers to learn about CDC recommendations in the context of pet care & dog walking. Most Pet Caregivers finish the session in under 5 minutes, and upon completion, the following 'Socially Distanced Pet Care' tag will be awarded to you and displayed on your profile: 


IMPORTANT: When accessing the course, please enter the email address associated with your Wag! Walking account, or else we may not be able to display the tag on your profile automatically. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I never got an email about this. Can I still complete the session? 
    Yes! You can complete the session by visiting this link.  When entering your information on the course page, please use the email address associated with your Wag! Walking account. If you use a different email, we will not be able to display the tag on your profile. 
  2. How can I get the Socially Distanced Pet Care tag on my profile? 
    As soon as you complete the informational session, the 'Socially Distanced Pet Care' tag will appear on your profile. Please allow up to 24 hours for the tag to appear, but in most cases, the tag will appear instantly. 
  3. I completed the session over 24 hours ago and I still haven't gotten the tag. 

    We're sorry to hear that! The most common cause of this issue is completing the course under an email address that is different from the email on file for your Wag! Walking account. 

    Please reach out to support under the 'Help' tab of the Wag! Walking app if the issue persists, and after verifying that you have fully completed the course we can manually add the tag to your profile. 

Thank you for working with us to ensure the Wag! platform operates as safely as possible! 

Additional Opportunities

Wag! is committed to the Pet Caregiver community during this unprecedented time. We've partnered with other gig economy companies to help with income while Wag! services might become less available. Please check back frequently for an updated list of opportunities as we reach out to partner with additional companies.


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Info on COVID-19

We know the novel coronavirus ("COVID-19") is on many of our minds. As we all continue to monitor the situation very closely, we wanted to share that Pet Caregivers continue to be available for walking, sitting and boarding on the Wag! platform. The health and safety for Pet Caregivers, Pet Parents and their dogs are and always will be our highest priority. In situations such as this, we understand that we need to evolve the Wag! platform to help do our part to best serve you and the community as safely as possible. 

Below you’ll find information on recent platform changes, including Socially Distanced Services, dedicated COVID-19 Tip Function, and our COVID-19 Resource Center and FAQs. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.


Socially Distanced Services

Pet Parents may update “How to get in” to request a service as a socially distanced service and to provide specific instructions to help limit physical interactions. Here is an example of simple measures you can take when performing socially distanced services:

  1. Requesting a “socially distanced service” - When requesting a walk through the Wag! platform, Pet Parents have the option to update the "How to get in" section with the socially distanced service request and any relevant instructions to help limit interaction. For example: "Socially Distanced Service - I’ll have Fido ready with a harness and leash on. Please knock or message me in-app when you arrive and I’ll open the front door and hand the attached leash to you."
  2. Pet Parents can message their Pet Caregiver in-app to remind them of the request for a socially distanced service. Remember to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before handling the leash and after both pick-up and drop-off and follow advice from public health authorities like the CDC.


Dedicated COVID-19 Tip Function

To support the Pet Caregiver community in defraying the cost of additional COVID-19 related safety supplies, Pet Parents now have the option to give a “Dedicated COVID-19 Tip.” This provides a mechanism for a Pet Parent to help pay for gloves, hand sanitizer, as well as any other essential equipment.


COVID-19 Resources

We ask that Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers follow the guidance of the CDC and the below tips to help prevent the further spread of the virus: 

  • If you feel sick, please stay home; don’t request services on the platform. 
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds if soap and water are not readily available, clean hands by using alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, including immediately before and after a service is completed. 
  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with the inside of your elbow or tissue – throw tissue away immediately and wash hands. 
  • Avoid close contact with anyone who is sick, and please seek medical care if you have a fever and symptoms, such as cough and/or difficulty breathing. 

What do I do if there are no available walks in my area? 

For safety, cities and states across the country continue to adjust travel and quarantine restrictions due to COVID-19. If your area is still affected by a reduced number of Pet Parent requests, Wag! recommends using your public profile to promote your services and to remind local Pet Parents that Wag! is still here to help by providing socially distanced services. For details on how to update and self promote your Wag! Caregiver Profile click on this link.

Further Support

Wag! has partnered with Stride to provide Pet Caregivers with health and financial resources during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. For more information on Stride and its benefits, please click this link.


We are prepared to navigate these challenging circumstances with the Wag! community’s health and safety in mind. Our services will continue, along with 24/7 customer support, and we thank you in advance for working with us to ensure the Wag! platform operates as safely as possible. 

Staying Safe

Tips from Other Pet Caregivers

Service Animals

If you require a service animal, it's recommended to follow these steps:

  • Add the information about requiring a service animal to your public bio
  • Prior to the service, reach out to the Pet Parent and inform them of the need for the service animal
  • If the service animal assists you on the walk, please ask the pet parent if they have any safety issues with their own dogs that may put you or the animals in danger
    • If no, complete the service as normal
    • If yes, please submit a cover through the app 

Navigating The App

As an app-based platform, efficient navigation of the app can play a major role in a successful service. Pet Caregivers on the platform have found success in preparing to perform a service with Wag! by doing the following:

  • Completing their test walk
  • Familiarizing themselves with the app navigation and features
  • Reading the Terms of Services
  • Reading the Pet Caregivers section of the Wag! help center

Keeping Keys Safe

A Pet Parent places a great deal of trust in Pet Caregivers to access their property and care for their dog(s). Pet Caregivers have shared the following tips for keeping a Pet Parent’s keys safe:

  • Put the key back in its original spot before heading out on the walk
  • Make sure the key is secure prior to ending the service
  • If for any reason you are unable to lock up, make sure to indicate this in the app upon completion of the service 
  • Ensure the property is secured in the same way it was when you arrived
  • If keys are misplaced, contact the Pet Parent and Customer Service for assistance 

Security and Home Access

Staying safe and making thoughtful decisions are important to the wellbeing of Pet Caregivers, Pet Parents, and the dogs using Wag!. Pet Caregivers have found success in staying safe and making thoughtful decisions by doing the following:

  • Entering a Pet Parent's home through designated doors / entries
  • Avoiding unsafe situations
  • Avoiding entering or accessing areas of the home not necessary to completing a service
  • Remaining aware of their surroundings

Picking Up After The Pup

Dog waste can spread disease and become a smelly nuisance. In addition, many jurisdictions will issue a citation for dog waste that has not been picked up. Pet Caregivers have shared the following suggestions:

  • Before leaving on the walk, be sure you have something handy to pick up after the dog(s)
  • Clean up the dog’s waste while on the walk
  • It is a good idea to keep a few bags on hand at all times
  • If a citation is issued, work respectfully with the local officials while communicating with the Pet Parent and Wag! customer service

Have additional tips or tricks for completing a safe and efficient service? Tell us at!

Inclement Weather

Wag! services can be booked rain or shine! If you are not comfortable proceeding with a schedule due to poor weather, please contact the Pet Parent to discuss. You may mutually decide to cancel the service. Should you mutually decide to cancel, please recommend that the Pet Parent cancel in the app from the "Schedules" tab. If you are unable to get in contact with the Pet Parent, please contact Wag! using the "Help" tab in the app.

Unsafe Location

If you have a safety concern, please click on the red bell icon on your booked services feed and select "Emergency" to call 911 or dial 911 directly.

Signs of Dog Aggression

If you believe a dog is displaying signs of aggression and you are not comfortable proceeding with the service, please attempt to contact the Pet Parent to discuss the situation. You may mutually decide to cancel the service. If you are unable to get in contact with the Pet Parent, please contact Wag! using the "Help" tab in the app.

Contacting the Pet Parent

If You Are Unable to Reach a Pet Parent

In the event of a schedule change, if you are running late, or you are having trouble accessing a home, you should always attempt to contact the Pet Parent first. If you are unable to reach the Pet Parent, please contact Wag! through the Help tab in the Walker App.

Additional Chat Information
  • To save a photo, tap and hold the photo which will reveal the option to save. Video is currently not supported via the chat. 
  • Chats are available for active messaging up until 10 days of inactivity (no messages sent or received for 10 consecutive days). After 10 days of inactivity, the chat expires until either you have a service booked with the Pet Parent, or the Pet Parent initiates a new chat with you. 
  • We alert you of new messages via push notification. For the best experience, we recommend enabling push notifications for the mobile app and checking your messages tab frequently. 
  • For your safety, we recommend never sharing personal phone numbers, logins, or financial info
Chatting with Pet Parents

You can communicate with the pet parent directly in the app through our in-app chat feature. As of July 2020, chat sessions are persistent, which means they will no longer expire after 12 hours. Instead, your chats will expire after 10 days of inactivity (no messages sent or received for 10 days). 

Messaging a Pet Parent 

Existing Conversation: You can send a chat to by tapping the "messages" icon on the tab bar in the walker app, then tapping the conversation.

New Conversation: To initiate a chat with a pet parent, you must have either a service booked with them, or in progress with them:

  • Booked Service
    Navigate to the "Booked" tab  → Tap service with Pet Parent you'd like to contact → Tap "Contact Pet Parent"
  • Service in Progress
    Navigate to the live service view → Tap the chat icon 

Note: Pet Parents are now able to start a chat with you without a booked service if you are past or preferred for them.

Calling the Pet Parent

You are able to call the pet parent directly from the chat screen.


To call the pet parent:

  • Navigate to the messages tab →
  • Click the chat of the pet parent you’d like to contact →
  • In the chat, click the phone icon (iOS) or the three vertical dots (Android) →
  • Select “Call Pet Parent” →

You will be connected with a call-only line masked for your privacy where you can communicate directly with the pet parent. For your safety, we recommend never sharing personal phone numbers, logins, or financial info

Safety Videos

Equipment Check


 Helpful tips on equipment. Reaching out to the Pet Parent for specific instructions is always recommended!

Understanding Leash Aggression


 Helpful tips on understanding leash aggression. Reaching out to the Pet Parent for specific instructions is always recommended!

Getting a Dog In and Out of a Crate



Helpful tips on how to get a dog in and out of a crate. Reaching out to the Pet Parent for specific instructions is always recommended!

When a Dog Doesn't Want to Walk


Helpful suggestions when a dog doesn't want to take a walk. Reaching out to the Pet Parent is always recommended!

Doggie Daycare & Overnights


 This video includes helpful tips for a successful overnight service with a dog for the Pet Parent. Reaching out to the Pet Parent is always recommended!

Meeting and Leashing a Dog

Dog Walk Distractions

This video explains the types of distractions a dog may experience while on a walk and how to read a dog's body language and avoid confrontation.

All Kinds of Harnesses

All Kinds of Collars

Beware of Scams

Never Share Passwords

Wag! will never contact you directly to ask for your password or banking information. If you receive a suspicious call or message, do not reply. Instead, contact our Customer Success team.

Beware of Scams

  • Scammers may pose as Wag! customer service professionals to try to obtain your personal information or to access your account(s). If you’re unsure if a phone call, email, or text is legitimate, contact the Customer Care line directly. Do not reply or use the contact information in the suspicious message.

Tips for Creating a Strong Password

Wag! takes your account security seriously, and choosing a secure password helps protect your account against unauthorized use. Here are some of the best practices to follow when creating a password: 

  • Straight rows of keys are easy to guess. 
  • Short keyboard patterns are easy to guess. 
  • Use a longer keyboard pattern with more turns. 
  • Repeats like "aaa" are easy to guess. 
  • Sequences like "abc" or "6543" are easy to guess.
  • Repeats like "abcabcabc" are only slight harder to guess than "abc". 
  • Avoid dates and years that are associated with you. 
  • Avoid recent years. 
  • Capitalization does not help very much. 
  • Reversed words aren't much harder to guess. 
  • All uppercase is almost as easy to guess as all lower case. 
  • Avoid predictable substitutions like "@" instead of at. 

In addition to the above tips, we recommend your password includes:

  • More than eight characters
  • Both upper- and lower-case letters
  • A mix of numbers and special characters (i.e., # @ $ % &)

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

To view Wag!'s Community Guidelines, click here.