How Wag! Works

Using the Pet Caregiver App

Booking your first walk with Wag!

  1. Get familiar with the Pet Caregiver app
    Check out this brief tutorial on navigating the Pet Caregiver app, requesting services, updating your pricing and settings.

  2. Turn on your push notifications
    Make sure your push notifications are toggled “on” within your available service filters screen and in your device settings. This will ensure that you’re up to date on services requested nearby. Learn more about notifications here.

  3. Go for ASAP services
    Pet Parents have the option to book scheduled services (scheduled more than an hour in advance) or on-demand services (starting ASAP). New Pet Caregivers often find success getting approved for ASAP services first. Even better, ASAP walks tend to pay out more $. Look for “Featured” on the services feed.
    ASAP services are typically listed at the top of the available services feed. Learn more about requesting a service here.

  4. Update your profile
    Update your Pet Caregiver profile to include a fun catchphrase, eye-catching bio, your specialties, and add photos to your gallery to increase your chances of being booked directly for services. Learn more about profile strength here.

  5. Promote your business to find direct booking clients
    When Pet Parents sign-up or sign-in through your profile, you will automatically be added to their preferred Pet Caregiver list and they will be able to book directly for services. You’ll see these services pop up in the “Service Requests” tab. Learn more about promoting your profile here

Tips from Other Pet Caregivers

Profile Tips

  • Promote your profile! Always set your profile to “public” so Pet Parents can match with you.
  • Selfie time: Use a clear, high quality photo of yourself. It never hurts to include a fuzzy friend in the picture too. Top Pet Caregivers usually have at least 3 photos in their gallery.
  • Customize your catchphrase: Tailor your message to Pet Parent’s seasonal needs. You could be “The Jolly dog sitter!” during the holiday season.
  • Have you moved? Keeping your location info up to date is super important! Be sure to update your address details if you’ve recently moved. 
  • Select Services: Don’t forget to select all of the services you are offering in your services menu, for example “sitting” and “boarding” if you are offering both!

Build your Bio

  • Introduce yourself: Include your preferred name and location.
  • Add a personal touch: Include your hobbies, interests, or what you do for work. Pet Parents are more likely to match with profiles with a personal touch. 
  • Don’t forget the pets: Do you have a pet or had one growing up? Add your pet's name, age, and breed or species to your profile. Add anything related to your love of pets! 
  • Build trust: Have you volunteered in a shelter, or watched your friend’s dogs? Add your experience so Pet Parents know their pet is in good hands.
  • Your space: If you’re offering boarding services, include some details about your home. Does it have a fenced backyard or a spacious place for dogs to hang out?
  • Have fun: Describe all the fun things you’ll do with pets in your care, like play in the backyard, watch TV, or just hang out! 
  • Keep writing! Top Caregivers recommend a bio of at least 400 characters.

Service Animals

If you require a service animal, it's recommended to follow these steps:

  • Add the information about requiring a service animal to your public bio
  • Prior to the service, reach out to the pet parent and inform them of the need for the service animal
  • If the service animal assists you on the walk, please ask the pet parent if they have any safety issues with their own dogs that may put you or the animals in danger
    • If no, complete the service as normal
    • If yes, please submit a cancellation through the app 

Navigating The App

As an app-based platform, efficient navigation of the app can play a major role in a successful service. Pet Caregivers on the platform have found success in preparing to perform a service with Wag! by doing the following:

  • Completing their test walk
  • Familiarizing themselves with the app navigation and features
  • Reading the Terms of Services
  • Reading the Pet Caregivers section of the Wag! help center

Keeping Keys Safe

A Pet Parent places a great deal of trust in Pet Caregivers to access their property and care for their dog(s). Pet Caregivers have shared the following tips for keeping a Pet Parent’s keys safe:

  • Put the key back in its original spot before heading out on the walk
  • Make sure the key is secure prior to ending the service
  • If for any reason you are unable to lock up, make sure to indicate this in the app upon completion of the service 
  • Ensure the property is secured in the same way it was when you arrived
  • If keys are misplaced, contact the Pet Parent and Customer Service for assistance 

Security and Home Access

Staying safe and making thoughtful decisions are important to the wellbeing of Pet Caregivers, Pet Parents, and the dogs using Wag!. Pet Caregivers have found success in staying safe and making thoughtful decisions by doing the following:

  • Entering a Pet Parent's home through designated doors / entries
  • Avoiding unsafe situations
  • Avoiding entering or accessing areas of the home not necessary to completing a service
  • Remaining aware of their surroundings

Picking Up After The Pup

Dog waste can spread disease and become a smelly nuisance. In addition, many jurisdictions will issue a citation for dog waste that has not been picked up. Pet Caregivers have shared the following suggestions:

  • Before leaving on the walk, be sure you have something handy to pick up after the dog(s)
  • Clean up the dog’s waste while on the walk
  • It is a good idea to keep a few bags on hand at all times
  • If a citation is issued, work respectfully with the local officials while communicating with the Pet Parent and Wag! customer service

Have additional tips or tricks for completing a safe and efficient service? Tell us at!

Safety at Wag!

At Wag!, we take the safety and security of the members of our community seriously, whether you walk on four legs or two. Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers trust Wag! to ensure a safe platform; from walks to sittings and boardings, to veterinary chats and training, Wag! puts safety first. 

Wag!’s Trust & Safety team is here to address your safety concerns by thoroughly reviewing and resolving platform issues in a timely manner. For assistance in facilitating a safe experience, the Wag! Help Center is stocked with the latest resources, including the community’s Best Tips and Practices


How can I report a safety concern?

If you are party to or experience a safety concern, our friendly support team is available 24/7 to triage your questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Wag! through any of our community Safety channels:

  • For safety concerns requiring immediate attention, utilize the Emergency Bell icon to contact 911 or Wag!’s Emergency line 
  • Feel free to email us at to discuss your experience
  • For non-emergent customer service, use the Help tab in the Wag! app
Direct Bookings

What are Direct Booking?

With Direct Bookings, Pet Caregivers are able to refer Pet Parents to Wag! and automatically become their Preferred Walker.

  • Open the Main Menu from the top left of the Wag! for Pet Caregivers App home screen → 
  • Tap “Refer & Promote” →
  • Tap "Direct Booking" →
  • Tap "Text Invites"

Once you've selected or entered the Pet Parent's phone number, they will receive a text with instructions on how to book. You'll receive a Referral Bonus after their first service!

Wag! Gifts

Does Wag! offer gift cards? 

While physical gift cards are not available, you can purchase Wag! Gifts to be delivered electronically to your friends and family! Wag! Gifts can be redeemed for any Wag! service, including Walks, Overnight Care, Training, Drop-Ins, and digital Veterinary Care, just like a gift card.

What are Wag! Gifts? 

Wag! Gifts are pre-purchased credits that can be delivered to friends and family and applied toward any Wag! Service. Wag! Gifts are available in $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500 amounts.

How do I purchase a Wag! Gift?

Wag! Gifts must be purchased online at Just enter the recipient’s details, add the amount of credits you’d like to purchase, and tap “Submit!”

Are Wag! Gifts available in custom amounts? 

No, custom amounts are not available.

Can I use my Wag! Gift toward any service?

Yes! Wag! Gifts can be redeemed for any Wag! service, including Walks, Overnight Care, Training, Drop-Ins, and digital Veterinary Care. Wag! Gifts cannot, however, be used to pay a Pet Caregiver’s tip. Tips will be charged to the credit or debit card on file.

Can I schedule a Wag! Gift to be delivered on a certain date? 

No, Wag! Gifts are delivered when the purchase is made.

Why didn’t my recipient receive my Wag! Gift? 

Please have the Gift recipient check their spam folders. If they are still unable to find the Gift using the email address you provided to Wag!, email so we can confirm their email address and re-issue the credit if necessary.

I used my Wag! Gift but I was still partially charged for a service.

Please keep in mind that tips cannot be paid using Wag! Gifts. Any tip amount applied to a service will be charged to the credit card on file. 

Can I get a refund for my Wag! Gift? 

Gift Cards may not be sold, copied, modified, transferred, reloaded, returned, or redeemed for cash, as stated in the Wag! Gift Card Terms and Conditions

General Information

Wag! makes safety a priority for all dogs, Pet Caregivers, Pet Parents and others on the Platform. Vaccinations help prevent dog diseases, aid in avoiding costly treatments for animal illnesses and even prevent the spread of certain diseases to humans. Wag! maintains a strict Vaccination Policy prohibiting unvaccinated dogs on the Platform. This means that in order to be eligible to receive an in-person Service (Walk, Drop-In, Overnight Care, or Training), each dog must have the following up-to-date shots and vaccines: DA2PPV, Bordetella, and Rabies.  Your veterinarian may also recommend others specifically relevant to your dog or location. In addition, for areas that have a high incidence, Wag! also recommends the canine influenza vaccination.

Approved Pet Caregivers

Downloading the Pet Caregiver App

How do I download the Pet Caregiver App?

The Pet Caregiver App is now available in the app stores! To download the Pet Caregiver App, tap here from your mobile device! Here are some helpful tips:

  • Uninstall the existing version of the Wag! App from your device before attempting to download from the Play/App Store

  • If you're stuck on the "Terms of Service," reduce your text size in your device's display settings

  • Reset your password. Be sure your password includes 8 characters, 1 letter, 1 number, and follows the password security guidelines here.

Requesting a Service

Where do I find available services?

Open the "Available" tab on the Home Screen of the Walker App.  

In the Available Services Feed, each service will display:

  • The name of the dog
  • A picture of the dog
  • The time & length of the service
  • Whether the service is On-Demand (ASAP), One-Time, or Recurring 
  • How far the walk is from your home or your current location (depending on your settings)
  • The payout

How do I request a service?

When you see a service you’d like to request, simply tap the “Request” button. You'll receive a notification if you've been matched to the Pet Parent.

What happens after I request a service?

The service will move to your "Requested" tab and you'll receive a notification if you've been matched to the Pet Parent.


What is Stride?

Wag! has partnered with Stride to provide Pet Caregivers with health and financial resources during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. For any questions about Stride and any of its offerings, please visit their help center directly.


What can Stride provide assistance with?

  • Stride can provide information and assistance in understanding the CARES Act, COVID-19 financial support and relief, and general tax information for the gig economy worker. To learn more, visit COVID-19 Financial Support
  • Stride provides resources to make it as easy as possible for gig economy workers when it comes to purchasing health, dental, vision, and life insurances. To learn more about your eligibility, click here.
  • Information regarding your eligibility for unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic and how to navigate Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA).
  • For more information on the ways Stride can help, check out our Wag! + Stride COVID-19 Resource Guide.


Please note that your use of Stride, a third-party resource, is completely voluntary and at your discretion. Wag! does not provide any financial or health benefits nor endorse any providers, and any and all resources are provided by third parties via Stride. For any questions about Stride and any of its offerings, please visit their help center directly.

Test Walk

How do I complete my test walk?

After your Wag! profile is activated, you’ll have a Test Walk generated in your app. The Test Walk is for you to get acquainted with the features within the app. It will be available for 30 days from the time you successfully log into the app for the first time. You do not need to go anywhere or complete the Test Walk at the time shown in the app.

Employment Verification

Can Wag! provide proof of employment for Pet Caregivers?

Because Pet Caregivers using Wag! are independent contractors and are not Wag! employees, Wag! cannot provide proof of employment.

Is there anything that I can use in-app to show proof of employment?

Some Pet Caregivers have found success printing their Stripe statements to show income they've made as independent contractors. To view your payment history and filter by year:

  • Open the Main Menu of the Walker App from the top right corner of the Home Screen →
  • Tap “Payments” →
  • Tap “Completed by year”
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  3. Timing: Raffle entries will be accepted for 14 days. Entry period will run from 10:00 AM PST on the first day, and end at 11:59 PM PST on the final day (“Raffle Entry Period”)."  ALL ENTRIES RECEIVED AFTER THE END OF THE RAFFLE ENTRY PERIOD WILL BE DEEMED INVALID, DISQUALIFIED AND NULL, VOID, AND OF NO EFFECT. 

  4. How to Enter: You will be automatically entered into the Raffle upon your completion of the associated survey. Please complete all required fields to earn one entry into the Raffle. Completion of this survey is not necessary to enter and will not increase your chances of winning. To enter without completing the survey, please write your primary e-mail address (if applicable), along with your full name, mailing address, date of birth, and phone number on a 3x5 index card and mail it to: Wag! Labs Inc, 548 Market St, PMB 95364, San Francisco, CA 94104. All entries must be received during the Raffle Entry Period.  Entries received after the Raffle Entry Period will be deemed invalid, disqualified, and null, void, and of no effect. 

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