Wag! Premium

Wag! Premium

What is Wag! Premium?

Wag! Premium is an annual or monthly subscription that offers 10% off all services booked as well as many other great features, including:

How much does Wag! Premium cost?*

The monthly Wag! Premium subscription costs $9.99 per month.

You can save an additional 20% off the monthly subscription fee by subscribing annually for a one-time charge of $95.99 (that's only $7.99/month!).

How do I sign up for Wag! Premium?

Visit the Payments tab in the Wag! app, or click here from a mobile device.

How do I manage my Wag! Premium subscription?

Visit the Payments tab in the Wag! app. You can manage your subscription or cancel under Subscriptions > Wag! Premium.


Please note that refunds are not available for Premium Subscriptions.

*additional charges may apply.

Available Services & Pricing


How much does it cost to book services through Wag!?

Pet Caregivers using Wag! set their own rates, so pricing may vary by region and by Pet Caregiver. If you are booking with a past or preferred Pet Caregiver, their rates can be found on their public profile, which you can view under the "Past Caregivers" tab on the Wag! app. If you're new to the platform, rates will be displayed at the bottom of the screen during booking. Tips are not included in posted pricing.

How do I tip my Pet Caregiver?

When a service has been completed, you will be able to review your pet's Report Card, rate your Pet Caregiver, and add a tip.

What is a Booking Fee?

Wag! charges a $2.99 booking fee for Walks, Drop-Ins, and Trainings while Overnight Care schedules incur a $14.99 booking fee. Please note that you will only be charged a single booking fee if you book a recurring or multi-day schedule. There are no booking fees for Wag! Premium subscribers. Booking fees are non-refundable.

Do I pay the same if my Pet Caregiver I selected cancels?

If your Pet Caregiver requests to cancel, Wag! will search for another Pet Caregiver near you to complete the service as originally scheduled. You will pay the same amount for the service.

Can a Pet Caregiver change their pricing after I accept their bid?

No, Pet Caregivers are unable to change their price bid once you have confirmed the service.

Wag! Walks

What is a Wag! Walk?

Wag! Walks are 20-, 30-, or 60-minute walks for your dog! Walks can be on-demand (ASAP) or can be scheduled ahead of time. You'll receive a notification when a Pet Caregiver has been assigned to your schedule; feel free to communicate with them ahead of time via in-app chat! To book a Walk, tap the "Wag! Walks" tile on the home screen of the Wag! App.


What is a Drop-In?

Drop-ins are 20- or 60-minute appointments where a Pet Caregiver comes to the Pet Parent’s home to check in on the pet(s). The full expectations of the service (such a fresh bowl of water, some indoor playtime, or a scooped litter box) can be set by the Pet Parent ahead of time in the Notes or directly to the Pet Caregiver via in-app chat. If your pet needs additional or more strenuous exercise as part of your desired service, consider booking a Walk instead.


What is a Sitting?

Sitting is when your pet(s) stays in the comfort of your own home with a Pet Caregiver. You'll need to specify exactly what you'd like your Pet Caregiver to do in the Sitting Notes, but Sittings typically include mealtime, regular bathroom breaks, and playtime. You can also specify whether you'd like your Pet Caregiver to spend the night by selecting "Show more" under "Sitting preferences" during booking. While your Pet Caregiver can come and go during the day, they are encouraged to be with your pet as much as possible and not leave for too long. Once a Pet Caregiver has been assigned, you may communicate your expectations with them via in-app chat prior to your Sitting.

To book a sitting, click here.


What is a Boarding?

Boarding is when your pet(s) stays overnight in your Pet Caregiver's home. You'll need to specify exactly what you'd like your Pet Caregiver to do in the Boarding Notes, but Boarding typically includes mealtime (with food provided by the Pet Parent), regular bathroom breaks, and playtime. While your Pet Caregiver can come and go during the day, they are encouraged to be with the pet as much as possible. Once a Pet Caregiver has been assigned, you may communicate your expectations with them via in-app chat prior to your Boarding.

To book a boarding, click here.

Digital Training

Click here for information about In-Home Training.

What is Digital Training?

Digital Training sessions are 30 minutes sessions with a Trainer that are completed via video chat in the Wag! App. Digital Training is $30 per session for up to three pets. There are Pet Caregivers on Wag! that specialize in training all kinds of pets! All Digital Training sessions must be scheduled in advance.

How do I access my Digital Training session?

You will access your Digital Training through the Wag! App via a video chat room. We highly recommend communicating with your Trainer through the app prior to your Digital Training session to coordinate an exact time you are both available to start. Once the trainer starts the video chat, the time clock cannot be reset. The clock starts as soon as the Trainer enters the video chat. A timer will be displayed on screen during the training session. The video chat session will automatically disconnect at the 35-minute mark.

What if my Trainer or I have technical issues and gets disconnected during a Digital Training session?

Once the timer starts, it cannot be reset or paused.  You may rejoin the video chat session if you were disconnected and pick up where you left off. If you or your Trainer have a prolonged disconnect that severely impacted your Digital Training session, please contact Customer Service via the "Help" tab in the app. 

In-Home Training

Click here for information about Digital Training.

What is In-Home Training?

In-Home Training is a 60-minute in-home training session where your dog will learn how to follow commands and gain new skills with the help of a local dog trainer. The hands-on sessions allow you to participate, too! You can learn as much as your dog, helping to reinforce a daily routine and promote good behaviors both in and outside of your home. Training sessions are available between 8 AM and 8:30 PM, 7 days a week.

Wag! Health

What is Wag! Health?

Wag! Health connects you to a credentialed veterinary professional right from your smartphone. Ask a question and receive an answer within 24 hours or set up a live consultation with a veterinary professional from the comfort of your home! The Wag! Health icon will appear on the home screen of your Wag! App. From there, you can book a live consultation. If you are a Wag! Premium Subscriber, you will also have the option to ask a veterinary professional as many one-time questions as you would like (free!). 

Note: In the event of an emergency, we recommend seeking the immediate attention of your local veterinarian. 

How long is the wait to chat with a veterinary professional?

The wait time is typically about 5 minutes for a live consultation. This wait may be longer during peak hours. For one-time questions, responses can take up to 24 hours; in most cases you will receive a response much sooner.

Note: In the event of an emergency, we recommend seeking the immediate attention of your local veterinarian. 

Who will I speak to when I book a vet chat?

Credentialed veterinary professionals are available 24/7 via the "Vet Chat" tile on the Wag! app. You may be connected with either a veterinary doctor or a veterinary technician. Both DVMs (doctors of veterinary medicine) and LVT/RVT/CVTs (veterinary technicians) complete extensive schooling, training, and testing to receive their credentials and are equipped to assist with non-emergent veterinary concerns via the Wag! app.


The Wag! Health services you receive from pet experts on the Wag! platform are not intended to establish or replace a veterinary client-patient relationship. There are potential risks associated with the use of these services. When using the Wag! Health services, you understand the additional risks and waive any liability to Wag!. If your pet is experiencing an emergency or has an urgent medical need, you should visit an emergency room or contact your primary veterinary clinic immediately.