Requesting Covers

Request a Cover

In the event you’re unable to complete a service, you may request a cover through the Walker App. Requesting a cover makes the service available for another Pet Caregiver to accept. While we understand you may need a cover on a rare occasion, repeated use of covers may affect your Pet Parent Favorability. More importantly, it results in a poor experience for the Pet Parent and their pet.

How do I cancel a service?

You can submit a cover from the Home Screen of the Walker App:

  • Tap "Booked" (the calendar icon) →
  • Tap the red bell →
  • Tap "Request a Cover" →
  • Tap "Yes" & select the service(s) for which you need to submit a cover.

Does submitting a cover affect my ability to book services?

While there may be rare occasions where you need a cover, repeated use of this capability or calling Support to request a cover may affect your cancellation rating (which is part of your Pet Parent Favorability). More importantly, it results in a poor experience for the Pet Parent and their pet.

What if the Pet Parent requests a cancellation?

If a Pet Parent needs to cancel a service, they need to do so in the "Schedule" tab of the Wag! App. Submitting a cover at the request of a Pet Parent can affect your cancellation rating (which is part of your Pet Parent Favorability).

COVID-19 Cover Leniency

Wag! takes the health and safety of the community seriously. Due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, Wag! is temporarily adjusting the cover policy to be more lenient, which will reduce the potential impact on your Pet Parent Favorability. Wag! would like to remind everyone using the Wag! platform to follow advice from public health officials and to prioritize your health and safety as well as that of everyone around you.

Running Late

Running Late?

What do I do if I'm running late?

If you are running late for a scheduled service, please communicate with the Pet Parent via in-app chat and update your ETA (iOS only). If you fail to do so, a cover may be created for the schedule and you will not receive a payout or a cancellation fee for the service.

How do I update my ETA if I'm stuck in traffic or running behind?

If you're running late and you're using an iOS device, you can update your ETA for an active service by tapping the "ETA" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Schedule Changes

Pet Parent Schedule Changes

What do I do if a Pet Parent needs to update their schedule?

If a Pet Parent reaches out to you to request a schedule change including a change in time, an extension, an addition to dog count, or a cancellation, please redirect them to the Wag! App, where they can make changes to their schedule under the Upcoming Services tile.