Prior to Your Walk

What to Prepare

What should I prepare for a Walk? 

Wag! encourages Pet Parents to put their dog’s leash and potty bags in a visible and easily accessible place to ensure your Pet Caregiver can find them. You may also choose to leave special clothing, treats, or other supplies. If you have another place you prefer to keep your dog’s supplies, jot it down under "Set home access" when booking the service.

Can I meet my Pet Caregiver?

Once a Pet Caregiver has accepted the service, you will be able to chat freely with them via in-app chat. To send a message to your Pet Caregiver, open the Main Menu of the app from the top left corner of the home screen and tap "Messages" and "+."

Prior to Your Boarding

Preparing For Transportation

How should I prepare my dog for transportation?

As the Pet Parent, it's your responsibility to provide adequate equipment for the transportation of your pet(s).  This can include a dog seat belt or harness and/or crate. Crates are a good option to help ensure the pet's safety when traveling, especially when in a car. If you use a crate, make sure that the crate is the correct size for the pet being transported and that the crate is securely anchored to the vehicle. For tips specific to driving with a dog, check out these helpful tips from Robert Cabral: Road Trip: Driving With Your Dog 

Prior to Your Sitting

Preparing for a Sitting

What should I prepare for my Sitting?

We encourage you to take all the necessary steps to prepare your pet(s) and their Pet Caregiver for their stay in your home. This includes:

  • Leaving a note about where to find your pet's food
  • Writing down feeding instructions, including how much and when you feed your pet, as well as any schedules that they may follow (e.g., take him out to the bathroom after he has his breakfast, she likes to have a treat right before bed, etc.)
  • Ensuring your dog’s leash & other equipment is easy to find
  • Ensuring litter box expectations and equipment are easily accessible

We always recommend providing as much information as possible, as that is the best way to make sure that your pet's routine stays the same and you have peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of!

Tips for Pet Parents

Rating Your Pet Caregiver

How do I rate a Pet Caregiver?

Once a service is complete, you’ll receive a report card. At this point, you can rate and tip your Pet Caregiver based on your experience. You can also give your Pet Caregiver a badge for a job well done!

What are Pet Caregiver Badges?

  • Above and Beyond: Pet Caregiver went the extra mile for your dog!
  • Excellent Report Card: Pet Caregiver left a fun and informative report card.
  • Extra Caring: Pet Caregiver made sure your dog got some extra TLC!
  • Follows Instructions: Pet Caregiver did a great job at following instructions.
  • Great Distance: Pet Caregiver was able to cover a lot of ground during the walk.
  • Strong Walker: Pet Caregiver was able to handle larger/energetic dog breeds.
Best Practices for Pet Parents

Adequate Equipment 

As a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to provide adequate equipment for your pet caregiver before the service begins. Before each scheduled service, check to make sure that you have provided the supplies your pet caregiver will need.  For example, if you’ve booked a walk, ensure you’ve left a leash, harness and bags in plain sight for your walker to find. If you’ve booked an in-home service like a Boarding or Pet Day Care, ensure you’ve provided your dog’s bowls, food or other supplies necessary for a safe and successful service. 

If you’ve booked a Boarding or Pet Day Care service with a transportation component, it’s important that your pet caregiver knows how to safely and securely transport your dog from your home to theirs, and back! It's the responsibility of the pet parent to provide adequate equipment for a safe and smooth transport.  This can include a dog seat belt or harness and/or crate. Crates are a good option to help ensure the pup’s safety when traveling, especially in a car. If you already use a crate, be sure the crate is the right size for the dog being transported and that it can fit in most vehicles. Also, note that crates should be securely anchored to the vehicle.  Since this can be done in a variety of ways, be sure you choose the correct option for both the dog and crate being used. 

Home Access

In order to get things off to a successful start, the pet caregiver needs smooth access to the home to pick up the dog. As a pet parent, be sure to provide information about accessing your home within the Wag! app or on our website. 

We highly encourage pet parents to change lockbox codes often and not to share personal information, including phone numbers, with Pet Care Providers. When changing your lockbox code, don’t forget to update this information within the Wag! app so upcoming pet caregivers have the information they need.


The Wag! app is the best channel for communication between you and your pet caregiver. We encourage pet parents to communicate and engage with pet caregivers solely through the Wag! app or our website.

Remember that pet caregivers may have questions and direct communication through the app keeps everyone informed. Timely communication is also important for a successful service. Try to respond to pet caregivers as soon as possible, especially if questions arise during a service. We encourage pet parents to keep their mobile devices close during a walk or boarding or sitting engagement. The Wag! app has user safety features that allow you to communicate with pet caregivers safely and conveniently. Use it! 

Dog’s Information

As a best practice, confirm that your dog's profile is filled out adequately, updated as needed, and includes any special details you may want to convey to your pet caregiver.


If you’re dropping off your dog for a Boarding or Day Care service, be respectful of the agreement you've made with the boarding host and arrive on time.


In the event of a last-minute change to their plans or schedule, pet parents have the option to cancel a Wag! scheduled service. Last-minute cancellations can have a negative impact on our community by disrupting schedules and experiences of both pet parents and pet caregivers. Please be mindful of this and keep last-minute cancellations to a minimum.

Star Ratings

What's a Star Rating?

A Pet Caregiver’s overall rating is an average of all individual ratings they have received divided by the total amount of services they have provided. Wag! uses a rating system to obtain feedback and continuously improve service quality. This system provides a quick and clear way to rate your Wag! service experience each and every time. 

What does each Star Rating mean?

5 Stars: Great experience! Everything was as described in my notes, Pet Caregiver did a great job executing the service.

4 Stars: Good experience; One or two things could have been done better.

3 Stars: Neutral experience; I’m disappointed in the quality of this service, but I would book again with a different Pet Caregiver. 

2 Stars: Bad experience; Pet Caregiver did/did not do something which was a fundamental part of executing a successful service. I don’t want to use this Pet Caregiver again. 

1 Star: Horrible experience; Multiple things went wrong or there was a single significant failure in delivering the service.

For a 5- or 4-star rating, you'll be prompted to add the Pet Caregiver to your Preferred Walkers list (click the "heart" icon). You may also choose to award the Pet Caregiver a badge and/or leave a tip! For 3-stars or below, you'll be asked if you'd like to block the Pet Caregiver from being able to accept future services for your pets.