Home Access/Lockbox

Home Access/Lockbox

Preparing Your Home

Home Access Method

Ensure that you have a method in place for your walker to be able to get into your house. This could be with a lockbox, doorman, or any other method you’d like! It’s important that whichever method you choose, you make sure that all your information is up to date when booking your walks. This will allow for a seamless experience for you and your walker and allow your pup to walk sooner.

What if something happens to my home?

In the very unlikely event your home incurs any damage as a direct result of Wag!’s negligence, Wag carries a $1,000,000 home insurance policy. Please contact Customer Success if you have any questions about the scope or details of this policy.

Wag! Lockbox

What is a Wag! Lockbox

Wag! will send lockboxes to pet parents who request them. Maintaining the lockbox is the pet parent’s responsibility. Here are some tips:

  • Where possible, please limit direct exposure to the elements
  • Place the lockbox where it’s protected from damage
  • Cover the lockbox in cold weather to keep it from freezing shut
  • Please don’t put your only set of house keys in the lockbox

Please use the lockbox at your own risk. Wag! is not liable for any loss, claim or damage of any kind incurred as a result of your use of the lockbox.

I want to change my lockbox code

When changing your lockbox code, please make sure to update the lockbox code in the app. Failing to update your code will cause future walks to be delayed, as the walker won’t be able to enter your home.

3-Digit Master Lok Brand

  How to change the code:

  • Open the lockbox using your current code →
  • Locate the silver lever inside on the right →
  • Pull this lever forward and to the left →
  • Change the code to your desired new code →
  • Push the lever back and to the right, to its original position →
  • Update code in the Wag! app before your next walk

4-digit Shurlok Brand

  How to change the code:

  • Input your default code, or Latch code, and use a coin or screwdriver to turn the metal dial on the top right side of the lockbox in the vertical position →
  • Carefully set the dial to your new 4 digit code →
  • Turn the dial on the top side back to the horizontal position →
  • Scramble the digits, and test to make sure the new code works →
  • Update code in the Wag! app before your next walk
My lockbox doesn't fit on my door

Many pet parents choose to place their lockbox on a gate or alternate secure fixture outside.