How to Contact Your Walker

Chatting with the Pet Caregiver

How do I contact a Pet Caregiver?

You can communicate with the Pet Caregiver directly through our in-app chat feature. 

For an upcoming service:

  • Tap the selected walk on the homepage or navigate to your “Schedule” tab from the main menu →
  • Tap the correct walk →
  • Tap “Chat”
  • For a past service:
  • From the main menu
  • Tap “Past Caregivers” or “Preferred Caregivers” →
  • Tap on the Pet Caregiver's name with you wish to connect →
  • Tap “Chat”

For a live service:

  • Navigate to the homepage of your app →
  • From the live service display, tap the “chat” button or the phone icon

For an unbooked training service:

If you wish to chat with a trainer before booking a service

  • Select the trainer you wish to connect with from the carousel →
  • Add the trainer to your preferred list by tapping the heart by their name →
  • Navigate to the app menu →
  • Tap “Preferred Caregivers” →
  • Tap “Chat”

Should I know anything else?

  • To save a photo, tap and hold the photo, which will reveal the option to save. Video is currently not supported via in-app chat. 
  • We alert you of new messages via push notification. For the best experience, we recommend enabling push notifications for the Wag! app. 
  • For your safety, we recommend never sharing personal phone numbers, logins, or financial information.
  • Chats stay live and will only expire if there has been 10 days of inactivity.
  • Enjoyed your chat experience? Click "Book Now" in the chat to rebook with your favorite Pet Caregivers!
Calling the Pet Caregiver

You are able to call your pet caregiver directly from the chat screen.

To call your pet caregiver:

  • Navigate to the "Messages" tab in the main menu →
  • Click on the chat of the pet caregiver you’d like to contact →
  • In the chat, click the phone icon (iOS) or the three vertical dots (Android) →
  • Select “Call Walker”

You will be connected with a call-only line masked for your privacy where you can communicate directly with the pet caregiver. 

To access the chat inbox on the mobile app, click here from your mobile device. If you are attempting to reach Customer Service, please use the "Help" tab in the Wag! App.


For your safety, we recommend never sharing personal phone numbers, passwords, or any kind of financial information.