App Experience

Navigating the App

Available Services Feed

Your Available Services Feed is where you will see services requested by pet parents in your area. From this screen, you can browse and opt-in to available services. Learn how to update your available walk feed preferences here.

To access the available services feed, tap the “Available” icon on the bottom left of the app home page. Services are organized by start date, then by time. 

Calendar Bar: 

  • Tap on a day to view the services available on that day. If the day is greyed out, this means there are not currently any services available. Check back later! 

  • To view services taking place in a future week, swipe left on the calendar bar. 


  • Services will appear from earliest to latest on the current day. Scroll down to view future walks. 

  • Featured services will be highlighted in gold and the payout will reflect the increased pricing.

  • Tap anywhere on an available service to navigate to the service details screen. Here, you will find: 

    • Sitting/Boarding preferences + time windows

    • Dog information (breed, name, age)

    • Travel Distance (by car)

    • Start date/length of service

    • Payout

Why aren’t I seeing any walks in my available services feed? 

There may not be any walks available in your area, or your available walk filters may be too narrow. Try expanding your filters, and refreshing the service feed by pulling down on the screen then releasing.

Updating Your Availability

Walkers are able to set their availability in the app. These settings let Wag! know which types of walks to notify you about via push and SMS, factoring in walk timing, walk type, and walk distance.

To update your availability settings: 

  • Open the side navigation of the app →
  • Select “Availability” from the menu options →
  • Within this tab, you can:
    • Turn on/off notifications globally
    • Turn on/off SMS or push notifications, specifically 
    • Choose whether you want to be notified about walks based on your current or home location.
    • Specify the max walk distance from you that you would like to be notified about 
    • Specify which specific walk types you would like to be notified about (on-demand, recurring, same-day, future). 
    • Let us know the days of the week and specific times you are available. We’ll try not to notify you about walks that start during a period in which you are marked “unavailable”.  

Having trouble receiving push notifications? Try the “Test Push” button at the bottom of the Availability tab to make sure you are able to receive them. 

To update your availability on a mobile device, click here.

Service Requests

Pet parents can choose to send a personalized request to one or more dog walkers for a specific service. Currently only service requests for scheduled walks are supported. 

A pet parent can add any pet caregivers (typically one that has previously performed a service for their pup) to their Preferred Walker list. Once preferred, the pet parent can easily send a service requests directly to a Preferred Walker or their list of Preferred Walkers.

You can view your service requests by going to the side navigation and tapping on "Service Requests" 

Note: A service request can be sent to one or more pet caregivers. In the case where multiple dog walkers receive the service request, the first dog walker to accept the request will get service booking.

What to Bring

What to Bring

  • Many walkers come prepared with comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes and walking shoes, as well as poop bags. While owners often provide poop bags for their walker to use, many walkers recommend coming prepared because keeping our communities clean is very important.
  • Before walks, many walkers take a look at these videos to refresh their memory on different types of collars and harnesses, as well as view tips to help make the walk better. You may also refer to your own trusted resources periodically to keep the information fresh!

To view safety videos, click here

Review All Notes

Before a walk, a good way to get to know the pet parent and the pup is to review the information provided by the pet parent in the app. Also, reading all notes left by the pet parent or previous walkers will help ensure delivering a high-quality experience.

Being cautious when entering a home is important for safety. The dog could be at the door, waiting to get out. Many helpful resources, such as tips on Meeting and Leashing a Dog, are available on

  • Notes - Here you’ll find notes provided by the Pet Parent which might include information such as where to find the leash, poop bags, where the pup will be, and where to leave the pup after the service is complete. 
  • Walker Tips - This section includes optional notes left by previous walkers about how the walk went, any triggers the pup might have, tips on how to gain access to the home, and tips about where to park.

  • Access - For safety, access notes are available once you’re on the way to the property. Access notes might include details about the front gate if applicable, where the key is stored, and any relevant access codes that are needed.

Walk Overview

Before the Walk - On My Way!

Once you have clicked On My Way!, you will see various icons:

  • ETA: In the top right-hand corner, click the ETA button to update your new arrival time.
  • Dog Photo Icon: Click the pup’s photo to view the dog profile. This often includes information about the pup’s likes, dislikes, and temperament.
  • Notepad Icon: Click the “Notepad” icon to find the notes about the dog, both from the owner and previous walkers. For walkers using an iOS device you’ll also be able to view the home access information.
  • Key Icon [Android only]: Click the “Key” icon to find the home access information.
  • Chat Icon: Click the text bubble to contact the pet parent or visit the Help Center for troubleshooting advice and guidance.
  • Bell Icon: This is an emergency contact line. If you are in danger or are in need of immediate help, click the red bell icon for assistance then make a selection.  
  • I Have Arrived: When you’ve arrived at the residence, click on “Tap When Arrived.” This will notify the pet parent that you’re at their home.
After the Walk

Report Card

Once your walk is complete, the dog is safely back in the owner’s home, and the key has been returned, it’s time to fill out your report card! Choose a photo of the dog you took during the walk, write some notes to the owner about your walk, and check all the information that applies. This includes whether or not the pup went to the bathroom and confirmation that you locked the house when you left (and put the key back!). Report cards are an important part of the experience for the owner and really gives you a chance to show why you’d love to become one of their pup’s preferred walkers!

Boarding/Sitting Overview

Before the Boarding

Preparing Your Home

When hosting a dog in your home, it’s important to take precautions to make sure both you and the pup have an enjoyable experience! The most successful boarders and sitters ensure that the floor is free of anything that a pup could pick up and there’s a place to put the pup’s food and water bowls.

Before the Sitting

When sitting at an owner’s home, it’s important to be respectful of the home both inside and out. Many walkers speak with the owner prior to the service to understand what the owner expects out of the service. This is a great way to make sure that it’s a good fit for both the sitter and pup.

During the Boarding/Sitting

Updates to the Owner

You may give updates throughout the day to the owner on how their pup is doing. These can include pictures and notes about their pup’s experience.

After the Boarding/Sitting

Report Card

After the boarding or sitting is complete, you’ll be prompted to fill out a final report card on the service. Pet parents love to get notes about their pup’s experience!

Walker Notifications

Notification FAQ

What type of push notifications will I receive? 

  • Walks available near you
  • When you've received a tip
  • Promotions from the Wag! Marketing Team

What type of SMS notifications will I receive?

  • Confirmation that you’ve booked a walk
  • Reminders when you're late for a walk 
  • Cover confirmations
  • Requests from owners you’ve previously worked with
  • Requests from owners who selected you as a Preferred Walker

How does Wag! fill available walks? 

Wag! sends available walk notifications whenever new walks are requested by a Pet Parent. If a Pet Parent has requested a Preferred Walker, these Walkers will receive notifications first. If none of the Pet Parent’s Preferred Walkers are available, we will send the notification to other Walkers until the walk is filled.

I received a notification for an available walk and requested the walk right away! Why am I seeing that the walk is no longer available?

Unfortunately, the walk was taken by another Walker.

What is the difference between my Walk Feed Filters and the Availability tab? 

The Filters on your Walk Feed only change what walks are visible in your feed, not the notifications you could receive. The Availability settings only change the notifications you could receive, not the walks you will see in your feed. 

Why am I no longer receiving push notifications? 

A few reasons you could no longer be receiving push notifications are: 

  • You are logged in to more than one device (Note: The most recently logged into device would be the one receiving the notifications.)
  • There is low or no walk availability in you area. This typically means you will also not see any walks in your Walk Feed, either. 
  • Your notification settings are set to “off” or you have low availability. 
  • Your phone settings for push notifications are set to “off.” 
  • You have not completed or opted into a service for 60 days. (Note: Turn these back on under your Availability Tab in the app!)  

Why am I no longer receiving text notifications? 

A few reasons you could no longer be receiving text notifications are: 

  • Your notification settings are set to “off” or you have low availability. 
  • You have not completed or opted into a service for 60 days. (Note: Turn these back on under your Availability Tab in the app!)  
  • You at one point may have blocked available walk text notifications, texting the word "Start" to our number 240-06 should enable you to receive text messages from Wag!
  • As of January 2020, Wag! has discontinued SMS notifications for available walks and will be exclusively sending Push notifications for these alerts.

Are there differences in Android vs iOS push notifications? 

There is no difference in what we send, based on Android vs. iOS.

What is the maximum radius I can receive notifications for? 

  • The maximum distance you can set your Availability settings for is 10 miles. 
  • The maximum distance you can set for your Walk Feed settings is 20 miles. 
  • If you are a Past or Preferred Walker for an owner, you will always receive a notification for that owner, regardless of distance. 

How do I turn off notifications? 

You may turn off your notifications in the Availability tab on the Walker app. (Note: You will still receive notifications if you are a Past or Preferred Walker for an owner.)

Why I am not receiving any notifications for available walks?

If you are in an area that could potentially be a low-volume area: We recommend opening up your availability and walk filter feeds to capture the most amount of walks in your area. We also recommend you visit the “refer pet parents” and profile sections of the app where you can send out your referral code to new Wag! Pet Parents. The more Pet Parents we have in an area, the more walks will be available for you. 

If you are in an obviously active area (i.e. Los Angeles, NYC, etc.): The number of walks in your area can vary depending on weather, time of year, and other external factors, including the number of other Walkers near you. We recommend opening up your availability and walk filter feeds to capture the most amount of walks in your area. 

If you previously received notifications and now are receiving none at all, please reach out to Walker Support at