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Navigating the App

Available Services Feed

What is the Available Services Feed?

Your Available Services Feed is where you will see services requested by Pet Parents in your area. From this screen, you can browse and opt-in to available services. Learn how to update your available walk feed preferences here.

How do I access the feed?

To access the available services feed, tap the “Available” icon on the bottom left of the app home page. Services are organized by start date, then by time. 

Calendar Bar: 

  • Tap on a day to view the services available on that day. If the day is greyed out, this means there are not currently any services available. Check back later! 

  • To view services taking place in a future week, swipe left on the calendar bar. 


  • Services will appear from earliest to latest on the current day. Scroll down to view future walks. 

  • Featured services will be highlighted in gold and the payout will reflect the increased pricing.

  • Tap anywhere on an available service to navigate to the service details screen. Here, you will find: 

    • Sitting/Boarding preferences + time windows

    • Dog information (breed, name, age)

    • Travel Distance (by car)

    • Start date/length of service

    • Payout

Why am I not seeing any walks in my available services feed? 

There may not be any walks available in your area, or your available walk filters may be too narrow. Try expanding your filters, and refreshing the service feed by pulling down on the screen then releasing.


I opted into a service. Can you assign it to me?

Wag! is unable to manually assign schedules at a Pet Caregiver's request.

Booked Services Feed

What is the Booked Services Feed?

The Booked Services Feed is simply a list of all the services for which you've been approved.  To get to your Booked Services Feed, open the Walker App and tap the calendar icon at the bottom of the screen. You can also click on individual services within this feed to see notes about the service or to contact the Pet Parent. 

What if a service is cancelled?

If a service is cancelled by the Pet Parent, you will see the word “Cancelled” to the right of the service. To remove a cancelled service from your Feed, simply swipe left on the service. 

I requested a service but it’s not in my Booked Services Feed. Why?

A service will not appear in your Booked Services Feed until you have been matched to the Pet Parent. This process typically takes no longer than 20 minutes. If you are not matched, the service will not show up in your Booked Services Feed.

Wag! Intros

What are Intros?

Pet Caregivers can now reach out to new Wag! Pet Parents using the Wag! Intros feature! Browse local pets, send a personalized message to the Pet Parent, and get booked directly from the chat.


How do I send a Wag! Intro?

Navigate to the Wag! Intros tab in the main menu of the Walker App. Select "Browse Pups" and click on "Send a message" under the dog and Pet Parent with which you'd like to chat. 


What should I include in my message?

Ultimately, it's up to you how you introduce yourself and your business to new Pet Parents. You'll be able to craft a fully-personalized message to new Pet Parents explaining why you're the perfect Caregiver for their pet. Remember: The Pet Parent will be able to book a service with you directly from the Intro chat, so be creative! 

How far away are the Pet Parents that I can send Intros to?

The default radius for Wag! Intros is 10 miles.

Is there a limit to how many Wag! Intros I can send?

Yes, Wag! limits the number of Wag! Intros a Pet Caregiver can send to ten per day.

Does my Wag! Intro have to be a certain length?

Yes, you will need to input a minimum of 200 characters before you can send the message.

What happens after I send my Intro?

After your Intro is sent, the Pet Parent will be notified. They will then have the option to chat with you further or book a service with you directly.

Are Wag! Intros available on Android and iOS?

Yes! The Wag! Intros feature is available on both Android and iOS devices.

Why are there “no new pups” near me?

If your Wag! Intros tab indicates “no new pups,” there are currently no qualifying Pet Parents in your area. Check back often, as many Pet Parents join the Wag! platform every day!

"On My Way!"

What do I do once I clicked "On My Way!?"

Once you have clicked "On My Way!," you will see various icons:

  • Dog's Photo (iOS) / Dog Pin (Android): Click the dog’s photo to view his or her profile. This often includes information about the dog’s motivators, triggers and temperament.
  • Notepad: Click the “Notepad” icon to find notes about the dog, from both the Pet Parent and past Pet Caregivers. For Pet Caregivers using an iOS device, you’ll also be able to view the home access information.
  • Key Icon [Android Only]: Click the “Key” icon to find the home access information.
  • Chat Icon: Click the text bubble to contact the Pet Parent or to visit the Help Center for troubleshooting advice and general guidance.
  • Bell Icon: If you are in danger or have an urgent safety concern, click the red "Bell" icon to dial 911 or be connected to Wag!'s emergency line.  
  • Tap When Arrived: When you’ve arrived at the residence, click on “Tap When Arrived.” This will notify the pet parent that you’re at their home.

How do I update my arrival time?

If you're running late and you're using an iOS device, you can update your ETA for an active service by tapping the "ETA" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Pet Parent Service Requests

Can Pet Parents send me requests?

Yes, Pet Parents can choose to send a personalized request to one or more Pet Caregivers for a specific service. To view your Service Requests, "Services Requests" from the Main Menu of the Walker App. You will also receive a notification each time a Pet Parent would like to book with you directly.

Note: A Service Request can be sent to one or more Pet Caregivers. In the event that multiple Pet Caregivers receive a request for the same service, the first Pet Caregiver to accept the Service Request will be matched with the Pet Parent.

Are personalized requests available for all Wag! services?

No. Service Requests are currently only supported for scheduled walks. However, Pet Parents will have the opportunity to select from a list of available Pet Caregivers for Overnight Care using Quick Choice.

Where can I see Services Requests from Pet Parents?

From the Main Menu of the Walker App, tap "Services Requests." You will also receive a notification each time a Pet Parent would like to book with you directly.

Note: A Service Request can be sent to one or more Pet Caregivers. In the event that multiple Pet Caregivers receive a request for the same service, the first Pet Caregiver to accept the Service Request will be matched with the Pet Parent.

Can I suggest an alternate day or time for a Service Request? (Android Only)

Yes; the app will prompt you to suggest an alternate schedule, which will automatically send a message to the Pet Parent.

Report Cards

How do I complete a report card?

Report cards are an important part of the Wag! experience for Pet Parents! Once your Walk is complete, the dog is safely back in the owner’s home, and the key has been returned, it’s time to fill out your report card!

  • Choose a photo of the dog that you took during the Walk
  • Write some notes to the owner about your Walk

Check all the information that applies, including:

  • Whether or not the pup went to the bathroom
  • Confirmation that you locked the house when you left (and put the key back!) 

How do I update a report card?

Once a rating and the associated report card have been submitted, they cannot be changed.

Overnight Care

Before a Boarding

How do I prepare for a Boarding?

When hosting a dog in your home, it’s important to take precautions to make sure both you and the dog have an enjoyable experience! The most successful Boarders and Sitters ensure the following:

  • The floor is free of anything that a dog could pick up
  • There’s a place to put the dog’s food and water bowls
  • There is a quiet area for the dog(s) away from distractions, if needed
  • Hazards are put away and out of reach
  • The home is secure, which includes closing windows, doors and gates
Before a Sitting

How do I prepare for a Sitting?

When sitting at a Pet Parent’s home, it’s important to be respectful of the home both inside and out. Many Pet Caregivers speak with the Pet Parent prior to the service to go over:

  • Expectations of the service
  • Feeding instructions
  • Special needs
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Other

This is a great way to make sure that it’s a good fit for both the Pet Caregiver and dog.

During a Boarding/Sitting

What do I do during an Overnight Care appointment?

It's important to ensure that the Pet Parent's expectations and dog's needs are met. The Wag! App allows you to communicate these expectations with the Pet Parent prior to and during the appointment.

After a Boarding/Sitting

Do I need to complete a report card for Boardings and Sittings?

Report cards are an important part of the Wag! experience for Pet Parents! After the Boarding or Sitting is complete, you’ll be prompted to fill out a final report card for the service. Pet Parents love to get notes about their dog’s experience!

What's included in a Boarding and Sitting report card?

  • A photo of the dog you took during the service
  • Notes written for the Pet Parent about the service
  • Indication whether the pup regularly peed & pooed
  • Confirmation that you locked the home and returned the key (if applicable)

How do I edit/change my report card?

Once a report card has been submitted, it cannot be changed.

Quick Choice

What is Quick Choice?

Quick Choice allows Pet Parents to choose a Pet Caregiver for Overnight Care appointments based off available Pet Caregiver's profiles. In order for you to be chosen for a service with Quick Choice, you must opt-in to the service.

How will I know if I'm selected by the Pet Parent?

You will receive a notification letting you know whether you've been selected for the service.

What are Pet Parents looking for when choosing a Pet Caregiver?

Pet Parents may look at several factors when making their decision. The most common include:

  • Distance
  • Star Rating
  • Reviews
  • Experience or number of services completed

For what services is Quick Choice available?

Quick Choice is only available for Overnight Care.

If I am a Preferred Pet Caregiver, do I still receive Overnight Care requests first?

Yes, if you are a Preferred Pet Caregiver, you will still be notified before other Pet Caregivers. Yourself and any other Preferred Pet Caregivers who have opted in will then be presented to the Pet Parent first.

I am a Preferred Pet Caregiver; why didn’t I get selected for the service?

A Pet Parent may be presented with several available Pet Caregivers, including more than one Preferred Pet Caregiver. From there, they are able to select who they feel is the best fit for their pet.

Walker Notifications

Available Walk Notifications

I received a notification for an available walk and requested the walk right away! Why am I seeing that the walk is no longer available?

If you tap a push notification for an available walk and the walk is not featured in your Available Walks Feed, the walk was unfortunately taken by another Pet Caregiver.

Is there a delay in receiving notifications?

The Wag! system sends out notifications in real time. However, due to circumstances beyond our control such as carrier issues and signal strength there may be times the notification was delayed in getting to you.

What can I do to make sure I am receiving notifications as quickly as possible?

Make sure you have good signal strength. Delays in notifications may also occur on a device that is connected to WiFi. 

Notification FAQ

What type of push notifications will I receive? 

  • Walks available near you
  • When you've received a tip
  • Promotions from the Wag! Marketing Team

What type of SMS notifications will I receive?

  • Confirmation that you’ve booked a walk
  • Reminders when you're late for a walk 
  • Cover confirmations
  • Rebooking requests

How does Wag! fill available services? 

Wag! sends available service notifications whenever new services are requested by a Pet Parent. If a Pet Parent has requested a Preferred Pet Caregiver, their Preferred Pet Caregivers will receive notifications first. If none of the Pet Parent’s Preferred Pet Caregivers are available, Wag! will send the notification to other Pet Caregivers until the walk is filled.

I received a notification for an available service and requested it right away! Why am I seeing that the service is no longer available?

Unfortunately, the service was taken by another Pet Caregiver.

Why am I no longer receiving push notifications? 

A few reasons you could no longer be receiving push notifications include: 

  • You are logged in to more than one device (Note: The most recently logged into device will receive the notifications.)
  • There is low or no service availability in you area. This typically means you will also not see any services in your Walk Feed, either. 
  • Your notification settings are set to “off.”
  • Your phone's settings for push notifications are set to “off.” 

Why am I no longer receiving text notifications? 

As of January 2020, Wag! has discontinued SMS notifications for available walks and will be exclusively sending Push notifications for these alerts. A few other reasons you could no longer be receiving text notifications include: 

  • Your notification settings are set to “off.” 
  • You blocked text notifications. Text the word "START" to 240-06 reenable text messages from Wag!.

What are the differences in Android vs iOS push notifications? 

There is no difference in what we send, based on Android vs. iOS.

What is the maximum radius for which I can receive notifications? 

  • You can set your Availability settings to 10 miles. 
  • You Walk Feed can display services up to 20 miles away. 
  • If you are a Past or Preferred Pet Caregiver for a Pet Parent, you will always receive a notification for that Pet Parent's available services, regardless of distance. 

How do I turn off notifications? 

You may turn off your notifications in the Availability tab on the Walker App. (Note: You will still receive notifications if you are a Past or Preferred Pet Caregiver for a Pet Parent requesting a service.)

Why I am not receiving any notifications for available walks?

  • If you are in an area that could potentially be a low-volume area: We recommend opening up your Availability and walk filter feeds to capture the most amount of walks in your area. We also recommend you visit the “refer pet parents” and profile sections of the app where you can send out your referral code to new Wag! Pet Parents. The more Pet Parents we have in an area, the more walks will be available for you. 
  • If you are in an obviously active area (i.e. Los Angeles, NYC, etc.): The number of walks in your area can vary depending on weather, time of year, and other external factors, including the number of other Pet Caregiver near you. We recommend opening up your Availability and walk filter feeds to capture the largest amount of services in your area.