App Experience

Navigating the App


Walkers now have the ability to set their availability in the app. This will allow walkers to filter their walk feeds depending on what settings they want to set. 

To update your availability: 

  • Click on the icon with the three lines in the top right-hand corner of the homepage →
  • Here, you will be able to select the distance you'd like to set from either your home location, current location, or custom location →
  • You'll then be able to select your start time window and end time window →
  • You can then select whether or not you'd like to see recurring walks, sittings or boardings in your Available Services Feed →
  • Once you'll all done, click "Save & Apply"!

If you'd like to go back to the default settings, click "Reset to Defaults". 

Available Services Feed

The new Available Services Feed now has a fresh look with improved features to help you get the most out of your experience.

New Calendar Bar 

At the top of your feed, you’ll find your new calendar bar.

  • You can tap on a day and view the available services for that day, or swipe to view future dates.
  • Light grey dates that are not clickable indicate there is no service available for that day.
  • Bolded dates indicate a service is available and you will be able to click these dates and be taken to the services available for that selected day.
  • Today’s date will be indicated by green font.
  • The date selected will be indicated via a green bubble.
  • Featured services will be highlighted in gold and the payout will reflect the accurate pricing.

Your feed is scrollable.

  • Services will appear from earliest to latest on the current day.
  • All services are visible in the main feed via an infinite scroll and you can continue scrolling up or down until you reach the end of all available services.
  • Unlike the previous feed, you must refresh to see new services by pulling down on the feed or navigating away from the feed and then back. Once refreshed newly available services will immediately be requestable.
  • Each service is listed on a card including the details of that service and a "Request" button and you can request services via the feed or the details page. This button:
    • Updates to "Cancel" if your request is pending
    • Updates to "Walk Filled" if you are not approved for the walk.
    • Updates to "Accepted" if you have been approved.
  • If you have previously walked a dog, a "Walked Before" banner will appear on the card and details page of the service.

New Service Cards

  • Tap anywhere on the schedule card to navigate to the service details screen for any type of service.
  • The details screen lists additional information, such as :
    • Sitting/ boarding preferences + windows
    • Dog information ( breed, names, age)
    • Actual Travel Distance
      • The distance shown on the card is the approximate travel distance. The distance shown in the Details page is actual travel distance (by car).
    • Start date/ length of service
    • Payout
  • In the future, we plan to add more information about each dog (such as size, behavior on walks, behavior on entry to residence, spay/neuter status), as well as better handling of multiple dogs on the service.

Feed Filters

 You can filter your feed by tapping on the filters icon in the top right. Here you will find options for time, distance, service type, and more to filter your feed to your liking.

  • Filter by time of day
    • For example, 9:30 AM- 2:00 PM, this will only show you walks that start in that time window.
  • Filter by home, current or custom location
    • You can add any number of custom locations for your convenience
    • Your home location can be adjusted on your profile page.
  • Filter by distance from a selected location
    • You can now choose to only view schedules within a specific radius of your selected location.
    • This filter currently only filters based on an approximate location. In the future, we plan to improve this to filter on actual travel distance.
  • You can filter out recurring walks, sittings or boardings


Have more feedback? Drop us a line by navigating to the Help section of your app and selecting “Tell Us How We Can Improve." We’d love to hear your thoughts on how to make the feed even better!

Before a Booked Walk

Clicking on a Walk: Clicking on the walks in your booked walk feed will display a module where you’ll be able to view the location, walk notes, and dog profile, as well as contact the Pet Parent before the walk. Once you’re on the way to the walk, press “On My Way” to notify the owner.

On My Way!

Once you have clicked On My Way!, you will see various icons:

  • Pencil Icon: In the top right-hand corner, click the “Pencil” icon to update your ETA. This notifies the owner of your new arrival time.
  • Dog Photo Icon: Click the pup’s photo icon to view the dog profile. This often includes information about the pup’s likes, dislikes, and temperament.
  • Notepad Icon: Click the “Notepad” icon to find the notes about the dog, both from the owner and previous walkers.
  • Key Icon: Click the “Key” icon to find the home access information.
  • Phone Icon: Click the “Phone” icon for the following options: contact the owner, troubleshooting guidance, and support information.
  • Bell Icon: This is an emergency contact line. If you are in danger or are in need of immediate help, click this icon for assistance.  
  • Tap When Arrived: When you’ve arrived at the residence, click on “Tap When Arrived.” This will notify the Pet Parent that you’re at their home.
During the Walk

During the walk, you will see various icons:

Start Walk: Once the dog is leashed up and you’re ready to start your walk, press “Start Walk”. This will start the live GPS and timer and let the pet parent know that their pup’s walk has started.

Pee/Poop/Video Icon: Here you can mark when the pup has peed or pooped, and where you can record videos from the walk and send them to the pet parent. Owners love these pup-dates!

Dog/Camera Icon: In the top right-hand corner, click the “Camera” icon to take the paw-fect report card photo. The app will make a noise to attract the pup’s attention to the camera lens.

Mile/Minutes: Your mileage and time are tracked live below your information icons. This information is also sent in the report card so the pet parent knows how far you and their pup walked.

After the Walk

Report Card

  • Upload a Photo: Upload a photo from your camera roll, or use the Wag! Cam to take a photo on the spot!
  • Check Appropriate Icons: Check all the icons that applied for this walk. This allows the pet parent to see how the walk went at a glance.
  • Enter Notes: This section allows you to put relevant walk notes in for the pet parent.  Most walkers recommend putting in detailed information about how the walk went and how the pup did!
  • Forgot Home Access Info: In the event you forget the home access info, you can access it below the “Submit” button.
  • Submit: Once your report card is all filled out, you can click “Submit.” This will send the report card to the pet parent.

Fellow Walker Notes

  • After you submit your report card, you will be given the option to leave notes for other pet care providers based on your experience. Things such as where to park and best practices for greeting the dog are often extremely helpful, just to name a few!

Walk Overview

Before the Walk

What to Bring

  • Many walkers come prepared with comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes and walking shoes, as well as poop bags. While owners often provide poop bags for their walker to use, many walkers recommend coming prepared because keeping our communities clean is very important.
  • Before walks, many walkers take a look at these videos to refresh their memory on different types of collars and harnesses, as well as view tips to help make the walk better. You may also refer to your own trusted resources periodically to keep the information fresh!

To view safety videos, click here

Review Notes

  • Before a walk, a good way to get to know the pet parent and the pup is to review the information provided by the pet parent in the app. Also, reading all notes left by the pet parent or previous walkers will help ensure delivering a high-quality experience.

Being cautious when entering a home is important for safety. The dog could be at the door, waiting to get out. Many helpful resources, such as tips on Meeting and Leashing a Dog, are available on

During the Walk

When walking a dog, walkers recommend acting in a manner that is considerate and thoughtful, including picking up after the pup, being respectful of areas where you are walking and being mindful of those around you.

After the Walk

Report Card

Once your walk is complete, the dog is safely back in the owner’s home, and the key has been returned, it’s time to fill out your report card! Choose a photo of the dog you took during the walk, write some notes to the owner about your walk, and check all the information that applies. This includes whether or not the pup went to the bathroom and confirmation that you locked the house when you left (and put the key back!). Report cards are an important part of the experience for the owner and really gives you a chance to show why you’d love to become one of their pup’s preferred walkers!

Boarding/Sitting Overview

Before the Boarding

Preparing Your Home

When hosting a dog in your home, it’s important to take precautions to make sure both you and the pup have an enjoyable experience! The most successful boarders and sitters ensure that the floor is free of anything that a pup could pick up and there’s a place to put the pup’s food and water bowls.

Before the Sitting

When sitting at an owner’s home, it’s important to be respectful of the home both inside and out. Many walkers speak with the owner prior to the service to understand what the owner expects out of the service. This is a great way to make sure that it’s a good fit for both the sitter and pup.

During the Boarding/Sitting

Updates to the Owner

You may give updates throughout the day to the owner on how their pup is doing. These can include pictures and notes about their pup’s experience.

After the Boarding/Sitting

Report Card

After the boarding or sitting is complete, you’ll be prompted to fill out a final report card on the service. Pet parents love to get notes about their pup’s experience!

Walker Notifications

Notification FAQ

What type of push notifications will I receive? 

  • Walks available near you
  • When you've received a tip
  • Promotions from the Wag! Marketing Team

What type of SMS notifications will I receive?

  • Walks available near you
  • Confirmation that you’ve booked a walk
  • Reminders when you're late for a walk 
  • Cover confirmations
  • Requests from owners you’ve previously worked with
  • Requests from owners who selected you as a Preferred Walker

How does Wag! fill available walks? 

Wag! sends available walk notifications whenever new walks are requested by a Pet Parent. If a Pet Parent has requested a Preferred Walker, these Walkers will receive notifications first. If none of the Pet Parent’s Preferred Walkers are available, we will send the notification to other Walkers until the walk is filled.

I received a notification for an available walk and requested the walk right away! Why am I seeing that the walk is no longer available?

Unfortunately, the walk was taken by another Walker.

What is the difference between my Walk Feed Filters and the Availability tab? 

The Filters on your Walk Feed only change what walks are visible in your feed, not the notifications you could receive. The Availability settings only change the notifications you could receive, not the walks you will see in your feed. 

Why am I no longer receiving push notifications? 

A few reasons you could no longer be receiving push notifications are: 

  • You are logged in to more than one device (Note: The most recently logged into device would be the one receiving the notifications.)
  • There is low or no walk availability in you area. This typically means you will also not see any walks in your Walk Feed, either. 
  • Your notification settings are set to “off” or you have low availability. 
  • Your phone settings for push notifications are set to “off.” 
  • You have not completed or opted into a service for 60 days. (Note: Turn these back on under your Availability Tab in the app!)  

Why am I no longer receiving text notifications? 

A few reasons you could no longer be receiving text notifications are: 

  • There is low or no walk availability in you area. This typically means you will also not see any walks in your Walk Feed, either. 
  • Your notification settings are set to “off” or you have low availability. 
  • You have not completed or opted into a service for 60 days. (Note: Turn these back on under your Availability Tab in the app!)  
  • You at one point may have blocked available walk text notifications, texting the word "Start" to our number 240-06 should enable you to receive text messages from Wag!

Are there differences in Android vs iOS push notifications? 

There is no difference in what we send, based on Android vs. iOS.

What is the maximum radius I can receive notifications for? 

  • The maximum distance you can set your Availability settings for is 10 miles. 

  • The maximum distance you can set for your Walk Feed settings is 20 miles. 

  • If you are a Past or Preferred Walker for an owner, you will always receive a notification for that owner, regardless of distance. 

How do I turn off notifications? 

You may turn off your notifications in the Availability tab on the Walker app. (Note: You will still receive notifications if you are a Past or Preferred Walker for an owner.)

Why I am not receiving any notifications for available walks?

If you are in an area that could potentially be a low-volume area: We recommend opening up your availability and walk filter feeds to capture the most amount of walks in your area. We also recommend you visit the “refer pet parents” and profile sections of the app where you can send out your referral code to new Wag! Pet Parents. The more Pet Parents we have in an area, the more walks will be available for you. 


If you are in an obviously active area (i.e. Los Angeles, NYC, etc.): The number of walks in your area can vary depending on weather, time of year, and other external factors, including the number of other Walkers near you. We recommend opening up your availability and walk filter feeds to capture the most amount of walks in your area. 

If you previously received notifications and now are receiving none at all, please reach out to Walker Support at