How Wag! Works

What is Wag!?

Wag! is the #1 app for pet parents -- offering 5-star dog walking, pet sitting, veterinary care, and training services nationwide.

Book convenient pet care in your neighborhood with the Wag! app. Whether you’re looking for daily walks, planning a trip, stuck at work, or just want your best friend to have some company - any day, anytime pet care is available through the app.


Here when you need pet care.

  • On-demand and scheduled dog walks based on your and your dog’s needs.
  • Boarding and sitting overnight care in your home or the Pet Caregiver’s.
  • Drop-in visits for dogs who don’t need a walk, but could use a potty break.
  • Veterinary consultations to answer your pet health questions from the convenience of your home, available around the clock.
  • One-on-one personalized in-home dog training.

Safety is serious business.

  • Every Pet Caregiver with Wag! is thoroughly vetted and undergoes a comprehensive screening.
  • Support is standing by and available to you and your pet 24/7.

All about convenience.

  • GPS-tracked walks so you can follow along with your dog’s walk in real-time.
  • In-app messaging so you can easily communicate with your Pet Caregiver.
  • Receive live pee/poop notifications and a detailed report card at the end of your service.
  • Book and pay for your services securely within the app.
  • Wag! lockboxes are available for simplified home access.
  • Chat live with board certified veterinary professionals for expert pet health advice

We’ve been around the block.

  • Our community of 150,000+ Pet Caregivers nationwide are dog people, and it shows.
  • Pet Caregivers with Wag! have a trusted record of experience with over 10 million pet care services across 4,600+ cities.
  • We’ve donated over 10 million meals! A portion of our proceeds from the walks you book help to feed shelter dogs in your area.
  • Making Pet Parents happy is what we do best -- 99% of Wag! services result in a 5-star review
Community Guidelines

At Wag!, we create joy for dogs and those who love them. With hundreds of thousands of customers, our goal is to support and empower our community to create an environment where both Pet Parents and Pet Care Providers (Walkers, Boarders and Sitters) feel safe and supported while taking care of dogs and their needs.

The following Community Guidelines are here to help facilitate a community-wide understanding of expectations and standards of conduct while using Wag!. By using Wag!, you agree to these guidelines and our Terms of Service. Violating these guidelines may result in loss of access to Wag!

To view Wag!'s Community Guidelines, click here.

Safety at Wag!

At Wag!, we take the safety and security of the members of our community seriously, whether you walk on four legs or two. Pet Parents and Pet Caregivers trust Wag! to ensure a safe platform; from walks to sittings and boardings, to veterinary chats and training, Wag! puts safety first. 

Wag!’s Trust & Safety team is here to address your safety concerns by thoroughly reviewing and resolving platform issues in a timely manner. For assistance in facilitating a safe experience, the Wag! Help Center is stocked with the latest resources, including the community’s Best Tips and Practices

How can I report a safety concern?

If you are party to or experience a safety concern, our friendly support team is available 24/7 to triage your questions and concerns. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Wag! through any of our community Safety channels:

  • For safety concerns requiring immediate attention, utilize the Emergency Bell icon to contact 911 or Wag!’s Emergency line 
  • Feel free to email us at to discuss your experience
  • For non-emergent customer service, use the Help tab in the Wag! app
Cats on Wag!

Do you allow cats on Wag!?

Wag! is pleased to allow your feline companions on the platform and recommends only using Drop-Ins and Sitting services for the safety of your pet.

How do I book a service for my cat?

You can create a profile for your cat in the same way you would create a dog profile, then, you can book a service regularly. We recommend using Drop-Ins and Sitting services when booking for your cat. 

Be sure to include an up-to-date photo and include detailed expectations of your Pet Caregiver in the Walk Notes when booking (i.e. "change the litter box," "fill his bowl with the food on the kitchen counter," etc.). You may also chat with your Pet Caregiver prior to the service to re-communicate your expectations. 

What's included in a service that's booked for a cat?

Be sure to communicate your expectations clearly with your Pet Caregiver. Include details in the Walk Notes when booking. You may also chat with your Pet Caregiver prior to the service to re-communicate your expectations. 

Can I book one service for my dog and my cat?

You may book a service for up to three of the pets on your profile. Be sure to communicate your expectations clearly with your Pet Caregiver via the in-app chat or the Walk Notes.

Pet Caregiver Screening

How does Wag! vet the Pet Caregivers on the platform?

The safety of your dog is extremely important to us. Pet Caregivers using Wag! are vetted through a comprehensive screening process which includes an extensive background check and a pet care knowledge test. You can read more about Safety at Wag! on our dedicated safety site.

Report Cards

What is a report card?

A report card is a post-service recap written by the Pet Caregiver that completed the service.

What is included in a report card?

Your report card will include:

  • A picture of your dog(s)
  • The distance walked
  • The amount of time walked
  • Whether your dog pooped & peed
  • Whether your door was locked
  • A summary of the service written by your Pet Caregiver

Can I leave feedback for the Pet Caregiver?

Yes; feedback is encouraged. Within the report card for a completed service you will have the option to provide a star rating for your Pet Caregiver as well as feedback in your own words. Your rating and feedback will be shared with the Wag! Community via the Pet Caregiver's profile.

Trusted Contacts

What is a Trusted Contact?

A Trusted Contact is an emergency contact that can be reached in case of emergency, if you are not immediately available.

How do I edit my Trusted Contacts?

From the main menu in the upper left-hand corner of the app, select “View Profile” and navigate to “Manage Trusted Contacts." From here, you will be able to remove an existing Trusted Contact by tapping on the blue shield icon, or invite additional Trusted Contacts by tapping their name and "Save."

Can a Trusted Contact pick up my pet or make decisions on my behalf?

A Trusted Contact can pick up your pet from Overnight Care and, if you are unreachable in the event of an emergency, we may ask your Trusted Contact to make decisions on your behalf. 

Does my Trusted Contact have to agree to be my Trusted Contact?

Your Trusted Contact will be prompted to download and sign up for an account on the Wag! Platform; it is recommended that this be discussed prior to assigning a Trusted Contact to your profile.

What if I don’t have a Trusted Contact? Can I still book Overnight Care?

No, you cannot book Overnight Care without having at least one Trusted Contact on your account prior to booking. 

Can I have multiple Trusted Contacts?

Yes, you can have multiple Trusted Contacts listed on your profile.

How do you contact my Trusted Contacts?

Wag! will only attempt to reach your Trusted Contacts via phone or text message, and only in case of an emergency where you cannot first be reached.

Can a Trusted Contact be charged for unpaid balances?

No, a Trusted Contact cannot be charged for an unpaid balance. 

Wag! Gifts

Does Wag! offer gift cards? 

While physical gift cards are not available, you can purchase Wag! Gifts to be delivered electronically to your friends and family! Wag! Gifts can be redeemed for any Wag! service, including Walks, Overnight Care, Training, Drop-Ins, and digital Veterinary Care, just like a gift card.

What are Wag! Gifts? 

Wag! Gifts are pre-purchased credits that can be delivered to friends and family and applied toward any Wag! Service. Wag! Gifts are available in $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500 amounts.

How do I purchase a Wag! Gift?

Wag! Gifts must be purchased online at Just enter the recipient’s details, add the amount of credits you’d like to purchase, and tap “Submit!”

Are Wag! Gifts available in custom amounts? 

No, custom amounts are not available.

Can I use my Wag! Gift toward any service?

Yes! Wag! Gifts can be redeemed for any Wag! service, including Walks, Overnight Care, Training, Drop-Ins, and digital Veterinary Care. Wag! Gifts cannot, however, be used to pay a Pet Caregiver’s tip. Tips will be charged to the credit or debit card on file.

Can I schedule a Wag! Gift to be delivered on a certain date? 

Yes! You can choose the delivery date when purchasing.

Why didn’t my recipient receive my Wag! Gift? 

Please have the Gift recipient check their spam folders. If they are still unable to find the Gift using the email address you provided to Wag!, email so we can confirm their email address and re-issue the credit if necessary.

I used my Wag! Gift but I was still partially charged for a service.

Please keep in mind that tips cannot be paid using Wag! Gifts. Any tip amount applied to a service will be charged to the credit card on file. 

Can I get a refund for my Wag! Gift? 

Gift Cards may not be sold, copied, modified, transferred, reloaded, returned, or redeemed for cash, as stated in the Wag! Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Apply to be a Pet Caregiver!

How do I apply?
You can submit an application for access to the Wag! platform here.

What is the process to apply?
A step by step guide to the application process can be found here. The entire process can generally take 1 to 3 weeks, depending on how long it takes for Wag! to receive all the necessary information.

Is there a fee to apply? 

Yes, the fee is $29.95.

Why is there a fee?

The Pet Caregiver Platform Usage fee covers the administrative costs of an in-depth review and vetting process.

General Information

Wag! makes safety a priority for all dogs, Pet Caregivers, Pet Parents and others on the Platform. Vaccinations help prevent dog diseases, aid in avoiding costly treatments for animal illnesses and even prevent the spread of certain diseases to humans. Wag! maintains a strict Vaccination Policy prohibiting unvaccinated dogs on the Platform. This means that in order to be eligible to receive a Service (walk, drop-in, boarding, sitting or grooming), each dog must have the following up-to-date shots and vaccines: DA2PPV, Bordetella, and Rabies.  Your veterinarian may also recommend others specifically relevant to your dog.  In addition, for areas that have a high incidence, Wag! also recommends the flu vaccination.

Getting Started

Download the Wag! App

To download the Wag! app on an Android device, click here.

To download the Wag! app on an Apple device, click here.


If you're looking for the Wag! Walker app, please visit the Pet Caregiver Help Center.

Creating an Account

How do I create an Account?

In order to book a walk through Wag!, you’ll need to sign up for an account through the app or at You can download the Wag! App from the Apple or Google Play stores. During the sign-up process, we’ll ask for your and your dogs’s information. You can also request that a lockbox be sent to your home!

What information is needed to sign-up?

In addition to your and your dog's basic info, you can also include notes about your dog and their veterinarian's contact info. In the Notes section, you can include information about your dog's leash, collar, harness, behavioral tendencies, and anything else you’d like your Pet Caregiver to know. Put yourself in the Pet Caregiver’s shoes; what would you want them to know about your dog in order to provide the best possible care?

Tips from Other Pet Parents

Home Access instructions 

A Pet Parent’s notes to the Pet Caregiver are extremely important for a safe and successful service. Pet Parents on the platform have shared the following tips:

  1. Check all notes and access instructions before booking a service. Update as needed.
  2. Ensure your key(s) are properly placed, according to your access notes
  3. Put all the required supplies (such as leashes, collars, poop bags, and treats) within view and ready for the Pet Caregiver
  4. Be sure to select or deselect the correct pets for each service


Reliability across the platform from all parties helps ensure a safe and successful service with Wag!. Pet Parents have shared these tips for a successful service:

  1. Provide correct information in the app (such as the number & breed of dogs, dog and access notes, and up-to-date dog profile photos)
  2. Provide proper equipment or indicate the desired equipment needed for the Pet Caregiver to complete the service
  3. Be available for communication with the Pet Caregiver and/or Wag! throughout the duration of the service
  4. Ensure the dog(s) are ready at the time of service
  5. If you're dropping your dog(s) off with the Pet Caregiver, be on time, or communicate any changes via in-app-chat
Wag! Intros (Android)

What is a Wag! Intro?

“Wag! Intros” allow Pet Caregivers in your area to introduce themselves to you via the Wag! in-app chat.

How do I know if I received a Wag! Intro?

You will receive both a push notification and an email alerting you to the new message.

Can I have a conversation with the Pet Caregiver?

Yes, in fact we encourage conversation! Once you’ve received an Intro, you will be able to chat freely with the Pet Caregiver.

Do I have to respond to the Wag! Intro message?

No, you do not have to respond.

How do I read my messages?

  • Open your Wag! App →
  • Open the main menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen →
  • Tap “Notifications” →
  • Tap on the message you wish to read.

Can I book a Wag! Service with the Pet Caregiver that sent me a Wag! Intro?

Yes; simply press the “Book Now” button located in your chat with the Pet Caregiver.

How many Intros can I expect to receive?

Wag! limits the number of Intros a Pet Parent can receive to five. 

I haven’t received any Wag! Intros; why?

Make sure you and your dog’s profiles are completely filled out; Pet Caregivers can only send Wag! Intros to Pet Parents with a fully completed profile.