How Wag! Works

What is Wag!?

Wag! is a technology platform that connects you to experienced pet caregivers in your community. Wag! offers on-demand and scheduled pet care services that you can book from your phone, tablet or computer. Wag! takes the stress out of pet parenting by connecting you to pet care providers who care for your dog’s needs while you manage your busy life.


Please note that Wag! does not allow or service cats or other animals (outside of dogs) on the platform.

Types of Services

Walks: Wag! connects you with walkers who offer three types of walks: ASAP, One-Time, and Recurring. ASAP walks are best if you would like your walker to arrive within the hour. One-time walks are best if you are looking to have your pup walked at a specific time in the day, or if you’re looking to schedule a walk for a later date. Recurring walks are the way to go if you’d like to set up a schedule to have your dog walked on a regular weekly or daily basis.

Overnight Services: Wag! also connects you with pet care providers who offer boarding and sitting services for pet parents who need overnight care for their dogs. Boarding is when your pup stays at the host’s house while he or she watches your pup overnight, while sitting is when your pup and the sitter stay in your home while the sitter watches your pup.

Getting Started

Creating an Account

In order to book a walk through Wag!, you’ll need to sign up for an account through the app or at wagwalking.com. During the sign-up process, we’ll ask for your and your pup’s information. When signing up, you can also request a lockbox be sent to your house!

Once you sign up and create an account, we encourage you to download the Wag! app from the Apple or Google Play stores. Once in the app, you can add your other dogs in your household to your profile, notes about your pup, and vet information. In the Notes section, you can include information about your pup’s leash, collar, harness, behavioral tendencies, and anything else you’d like your pet care provider to know. Put yourself in the pet care provider’s shoes — what would you want them to know about your dog in order to provide the best possible care?

Now it’s time to take care of your pup! Simply choose which service you'd like to book for your dog, along with which date(s) and time(s). You can choose to book a one-time walk, a recurring walk that happens every week, or a boarding or sitting service. You will be matched with a Pet Care Provider in your area, and you will receive a text when the schedule is confirmed.

Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

To view Wag!'s Community Guidelines, click here.